August 11, 2007

Family Camping 2007, Westcott Beach State Park

Our first family camping trip in a long time! We decided to try to go every summer from now on, since we had so much fun. I got to stay the whole time because the family I work for went on a last-minute vacation so I happened to have off!
Mia & Andi

Mia in the tent--look at those adorable curls!

Mia came to my tent for a surprise visit!

The Reinhards (Marc, Mia, Marisa & Andi)

Marisa eating a stick

Practicing for our big fishing trip!

Me and Marisa

Mia with her worms--she was so excited!
then playing with the worms

Mia's first (and only) fish. After the first worm went in the water and came back missing, it was too traumatizing to continue. It was so cute. She didn't like fishing because it hurt the worms.

We were helping Marisa jump the waves by pulling on her life jacket.

Mia, the tiny Mermaid

Marisa back at camp

at sunset

Standing by a gorgeous overlook

Playing peek-a-boo through the tent. Our tents faced each other, so this was a very fun game.

Sitting with Grandma

Mia put this huge sand patty on her head. It was awesome.

Cute action shot playing in the sand

Dad bought these rafts to play in.

Mom & Dad

We finally got Marisa to take a nap--Andi got to take one, too!

Re-creating that famous statue or painting with driftwood

Down at the point. It was Matt & Ryan's first time, so they were super excited when we discovered the drop-off.