January 30, 2012

Watch Out, Brooklynn!

 Gabby is coming for your Barbie car.

My Little Diva

Brooklynn has been spending a LOT of time in the bathroom. I guess it keeps her busy. I don't really know what all she does in there, I kind of just deal with the consequences and enjoy the time off...I hear water running sometimes, I hear drawers opening and closing. I know she washes her hands...a LOT. She also apparently likes to floss and brush her hair and brush her teeth. She's also been known to play with my deodorant and lotion. This is bad when she's only three...I have no idea how bad it's going to get when she's a teenager. 

January 28, 2012

Marisa's Birthday Party

So Marisa's birthday party marked the beginning of SEVERAL birthday parties in a row for us. We have a lot of winter birthdays in our family. Marisa had a Justin Bieber party at a gymnastics place. We were all very excited, especially Brooklynn. She really loves birthday parties in general; if it were up to her she would be at a birthday party every single day. We were also excited to try out the gymnastics place. The Bean family REALLY wants to get Brooklynn into gymnastics...she is super flexible and seems to have a real natural talent for gymnastic-type things. We're still looking into it; I don't know if Goshen even has a place to do stuff like this. 
We went a little early and Josie ate some of her lunch, while we got all the food ready and the kids had a dance party.
Then we got there...Brooklynn immediately said, "ooooooooooh!!!" (and today when I showed her these pictures she said, "me want to go there")
 Myla & Brooklynn in their leotards...are they not the cutest things ever?
And one with the Birthday Girl, of course.
Brooklynn had a lot of trouble with the parachute...all of a sudden all the kids would disappear underneath and then there would be Brooklynn like, "where is everyone?" She eventually got it...poor thing.
Gabby and Josie didn't really get to do much of the gymnastics. They had their own little party.

Josie...what a cutie.
Yup, she's quite the natural.
Brooklynn was too busy to take a group shot. See how ALL the other kids seem to be cooperating?
First the kids climbed a rock wall. 
And then jumped off a platform...
...into these squishy block things. I'm not gonna lie, I really wanted to do it.
Myla and Brooklynn taking a water break. (I don't think they were supposed to...but power in numbers, I guess?) 
After the gymnastics part we went up into a little room and had cake, ice cream and did presents. Since it was a Justin Bieber party we had microphone cupcakes, of course. 
Wow, 6 years old. I can't believe it. 
Baby, baby, ooooooooohh!
Any party with cake and ice cream Brooklynn approves of. 
Presents! I made her stop and pose with her art bucket and book. I should have taken a picture with her and all her Barbies that she got, I think she got like 13?

January 27, 2012

Trains, Trains, TRAINS!!!

There are over 50 trains a day in Goshen. This can really test our patience. Instead of getting frustrated about it we play a game every time we get stopped and count every single box car. Brooklynn LOVES this game and it makes waiting much more fun. She also is loving playing with her train set, probably because she knows what trains actually are now. She doesn't do it as much but when we first moved in every time we would hear a train whistle she would run and say, "a train, a train!!!!!!!!!!!!"