January 23, 2012

Brooklynn's 3rd Birthday

I decided to combine the girl's birthday parties this year (and maybe other years, too.) because not only are their birthdays close together, we have SEVERAL birthdays right around them in our family. I still wanted to celebrate her actual birthday, though. So ON Brooklynn's third birthday we tried to make it very special for her. She got to open 1 present at lunch time. She was VERY excited.
When Josh got home from work she got to open another present. She was very excited about another princess book. 
Then we had dinner which was all her favorites: tacos, rice with black beans, and sugar pizza.
Then she opened the rest of her presents.
After presents we had cupcakes. She really wanted a rainbow cake for her beach party, but since I was making beach cupcakes I decided to do the rainbow one for her actual birthday. 
I LOVE how she sings with us. :)
Then we had a dance party. Yes...Brooklynn got to wear her pajamas all day....since it was her birthday and all.

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