January 1, 2012

New Years in Muskegon

After New Years we decided to stay until, ya know...WEDNESDAY just because we could. And since Josh and James wanted to watch the Michigan game on Tuesday. So that is what we did. Good times.

  Of course lots of wrestle time with Uncle Josh. (And Josh wonders why Brooklynn is always calling him "Uncle Josh.")
 These three spent all kinds of playing time together.
It just wouldn't be a day in the Bean house without a dance party! 
 I gave Andrew and Adeline the cardboard inserts that came with my Ipod cases and they carried them around playing with their "Ipods". They love them.
 Turns out all I needed to do to get some snuggle time with Andrew was go get an Ipod with "Talking Tom" on it and let him push the buttons. 
  Gabby found all new ways to get into trouble in a new house.
 This is an actual hand during our Euchre game. I was pretty excited about it.
 The kids made a fort and played dress up. Brooklynn loves time with her cousins. 

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