April 30, 2011

Elmwood Park Zoo

Brooklynn was so excited to come back to the zoo. The day we got our membership we just went for an hour or two. Today we went as soon as it opened and here is Brooke RUNNING towards the gate. 
When you first walk in there is this open eagle display. It's pretty awesome. Except besides there being really pretty eagles there are also some nasty vultures always lurking around. (Like, sometimes WAY too many vultures.)
Poor Brooklynn is terrified of this little petting zoo area. She won't even go in. The very first time we were there we went in and then the goats jumped up so their hooves were on the edge of the fence and she started clinging to me for dear life. 
Here is Brooklynn right on the edge of the barn. She likes the animals but she doesn't want to get too close.
Brooklynn was just as excited to see a bird in the mulch here as all the other animals. 
Checking out the turtles
See that blue speck of a child way in front of me? That is Brooklynn. 
Brooklynn was even a little scared to touch this fur hanging on the wall. She worked up a little more courage this time.
Looking at the bison from inside the train. (Or as Brooke likes to call the bison, "poop." Also "BIG!")
Brooklynn loves the ducks. I wish they had a few more of them.
Right in the middle of the zoo there is a huge playground. It's so great for toddlers. It's a cute little zoo with just enough animals to make you feel like you're at the zoo, but not big enough so that you're exhausted at the end.

Oh boy...the peacock. Brooklynn LOVES this bird. It's her favorite thing at the zoo. (Besides the long horn sheep). She talks about him all the time, even when we're not there. 
Brooklynn ran ahead of me the ENTIRE time we were there. So cute to watch. A little gut-wrenching realizing that she is needing me less, but exciting at the same time. It was so noticeable that every time I would catch up to her to try and get a picture or something she would be off to the next exhibit. She had a great time, though. She finally got tired at the very end and plopped in our stroller that had really been a bag holder the whole time. I was glad to finally be able to use it. 
Brooklynn has already been to the zoo 4 times this year. Only once have I remembered my camera. 

Push ups with Daddy

We're trying to teach Brooklynn how to do push ups.
Nevermind, this way is easier.

Do We Have a Roller?

No, not quite.
Gabby is ALMOST rolling over. Not quite. She just can't stop locking up that elbow. She also loves tummy time so much she doesn't have much incentive to get out of that position. 

Naughty Napper

Brooklynn hasn't been painting with her poop too often lately. (Thank goodness!) But I wouldn't put it past her to start again any day. She IS, on the other hand, still taking off all her clothes and diaper during her naps, and often peeing on the bed. It is driving me nuts. I have resorted to duct taping her diaper on, wearing a onesie AND these pajamas put on backwards. Everything else she gets out of. We heard her this morning saying "stuck, stuck!" And you would think she was stuck somewhere, it was just her not able to get into her diaper. I'm sure she'll figure out a way soon. What a stinker.
Here she is with some pants on her head after emptying all the clothes out of her drawer. It's hard to be mad at someone so cute. (But definitely possible.)

A Day at the Landromat

Since Brooklynn has been so naughty peeing all over her bed all the time, it makes for a TON of laundry. And some of that laundry (her bed spread, extra blankets, comforters, sheets...etc.) has to be washed in front load washing machines...that we don't have. So I have been taking it to the laundromat to wash it more effectively and do more at once. HUGE time saver. Last time I tried to do this at our place it took several days. I thought it would be fun for Brooklynn to see the laundry there and run around exploring a little bit. I also thought maybe, just maybe, if she took a little responsibility for her peeing on the bed habits she'd stop doing it. So we walked over with all our laundry. I'm all about walking to as many places as possible, especially if it means not having to put Gabby in her car seat. It just makes for a bad day when that happens.

Brooklynn wouldn't let me help pull the wagon. 
Little Miss Independent quickly changed her mind and ended up riding in the wagon almost the whole time. 

On the way back we needed milk. Gabby was doing good in the sling and so I decided to drop off our laundry and keep going to Rite Aid. Gabby started crying screaming at Rite Aid and didn't stop until later that day. Next time I'll only do one thing instead of trying to do both. It just wasn't worth it.

April 28, 2011

Spring...or SUMMER?

We've been enjoying this gorgeous weather so much. We've been playing outside as soon as we can get ready and staying out there all morning until lunch time, almost every single day. It's glorious. 
We have been finding pineconesenjoying the flowers, (and weeds, too)we even had popsicles outside. Many times we wanter over next door and play on their playground. It has gotten so hot lately, (mid-80's!) and even needed to cool off in the pool several times. Gabby enjoys the nice weather, too, as long I keep her in the wrap and don't try to put her in the grass. And of course a favorite are lots and lots of bubbles. I haven't even broken out the big bubbles yet, but I think that is in our near future.

These are Brooklynn's steps. They've been like this since we moved in. Actually TODAY all the fence stuff was gone and she was so excited to be able to go up and down these steps all morning.

Yup, Brooklynn's face pretty much sums up how she feels about all this nice weather and getting to be outside.

Look at all the pretty flowers in the background!

Brooklynn has been doing SO much stroller pushing outside.

Look at these humidity-created curls Brooklynn's got goin' on.

April 26, 2011

Take That, Brooklynn!!!

So I was thinking Brooklynn's new Build-a-Bear princess outfit would fit Gabby. I tried to put it on her and Brooklynn FREAKED. So we had to wait. But the next morning when Brooklynn was strapped in her chair eating breakfast, I snuck it on her for a picture. It doesn't quite close in the back b/c Gabby is a little chunker, but you can't tell. And she looks super cute.


I hope they cut this grass in time for Easter! (They did.)
Brooklynn found all this bark from SEVERAL feet away from where we were sitting and put it in this nice pile. She was so proud of herself for finding such treasure outside!