October 31, 2011


So every Halloween for the last...I don't know...6? years or so we've gone over to the Bryant's since we don't get trick or treaters near us. We always watch a scary movie while we pass out candy. The last few years it's evolved to taking our kids, too. And THIS year...we both have two kids. Crazy how that happens.

 Cece and Andy were Raggedy Ann and Andy. SO cute. Cece's costume was Emily's when she was a little girl and then she made a shirt for Andy.
Here's all the kids....sadly the best one I have.
and the worst...in case you're keeping track of my un-cooperative kids during group pictures. This one I particularly like the use of the Jessie hat to block her entire face.

I loved Brookie's little Jessie costume...especially from the back. See the cute braid it came with?
I thought it was pretty humorous seeing a cute little Nemo fish being carried around by scary Scream face.

After a while we went back and watched Ghostbusters. We opted for a "less scary" movie since my kids would be awake.
Gabby and Brooke both loved our glow sticks...thanks Grandma Kay!

Trunk or Treat

Our church hosted a trunk or treat this year. It was our first year doing it and it was really fun.
Brooklynn of course was SO excited about the whole thing. Before hand she kept saying, "church, no class! no class!" (similar tone to her "doctor, no shots!")
The whole time we were there she just kept running, dancing, eating more candy. I'd say her FAVORITE thing was showing everybody our car, or "woody present." Partly because she went with the whole, "one for you, one for me" attitude.

This was our car. We went with "birthday party." (mainly because we had a ton of balloons already.)
 Here are some of the other cars. As you can tell we had lots of fun.

 Brooklynn just kept running and dancing...she had so much fun.

Brooklynn LOVED showing everyone her "Woody present." (the present filled with candy...it's wrapped in Toy Story paper.) She was actually really good with other people taking "her" candy...she was actually excited to give it away. She DID, however, insist on picking candy out for every person. Sometimes they tried to pick something else out and she'd be like, "no...this one." (like...TRY the sucker. TRUST ME.)
This is Brooklynn with her sweet friend, Julia and her dad, Matt. They all were Toy Story characters, too...Julia was Bo Peep and her dad was Woody. Her little brother was actually a cute little sheep but he wasn't in the picture. We just had to get a picture since the "whole gang" was together.
Gabby slept in the car almost the entire time. We got her out towards the end so she could go, too. She really just liked eating the wrappers.

Gabby and Brooklynn both loved all the tootsie rolls. My Grandpa would be so proud, it was his favorite candy.
Here's everybody who was dressed up...good job, everyone!


Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2011

Trapped Inside on a Snowy Day

So...what to do during a snow storm in October?
Brooklynn tried out a scream mask....so spooky, I know.
I also spotted her nursing her baby. 
BOTH girls played with some extra streamers.
and I made some candy corn cookies. They were delicious.

Snow! (In OCTOBER?!?)

 Josh told me on Thursday that we were supposed to get snow this weekend. I barely believed him. But sure enough...here it is!
Brooklynn was beyond excited.  
Technically it's not Gabby's FIRST snow...since she was born in an ice storm. But it's her first snow that we have brought her outside to "play" in. 

They had some Halloween event at the mansion...who knows what it was...but I wanted a picture of the Halloween sign in the snow. It's just too strange not to. Sadly, our trunk or treat at church was also postponed, but only until the next day. 

Getting Ready for Trunk or Treat

We decided to do "Happy Birthday" theme for our trunk for trunk or treat. We already had tons of balloons...so really I didn't have to buy much besides candy. And what kid doesn't love birthday stuff? So we blew up tons of balloons, wrapped some boxes with paper and filled them with candy. 
Brooklynn and Gabby had so much fun while I blew up all the balloons. Brooklynn also thought the "Woody present" was hers the second she saw it...at the time it was only an empty box. Then later I showed her what it was for and filled it with candy....you should have seen her. It was like heaven for her. 

Foot Phones

Gabby is now at the "chewing on her feet" phase. (If it's a phase...Brooklynn still does this.)
Kinda weird, but I thought it would be fun to get a picture of them both doing it. Pretty close. 


I got Brooklynn an Ikea train set. She LOVES it. I love how focused she is when she plays with it. She built this particular track all by herself.

Gabby Was Here

Rockin' It Halloween Style

Gabby in her new Halloween headband. (I think she knows that she is cute.)
 So I was nursing Gabby in our room and I heard Brooklynn in the bathroom and I thought, "oh good, she's going potty all by herself." But REALLY she was getting her stool so she could better reach the gingerbread house and just go to town. Hey, I give her points for ingenuity. 
This is how I found her when I came back out. In such a candy-trance she had no idea I was even there. 

Sneak Preview

October 28, 2011

October 27, 2011

Gingerbread House Punch

What happens when you punch a Gingerbread House? Let's find out.

Really...all that happens is Brooklynn gets sad. She kept saying, "Daddy broke it..."

October 25, 2011

Special Halloween Package

We checked the mail today and all of us were really excited to get another Halloween package in the mail! Thank you Grandma Kay and Grandpa Fred. The girls were super excited to open more stuff. Every time there is any type of package in the mail box Brooklynn gets ecstatic and says, "birthday? open it?" 
Gabby of course loved the post-it note the best. Brooklynn immediately claimed all the candy for herself, but I was able to sneak the ring pop for Gabby to taste before rinsing it off and giving the rest to Brooklynn.