February 26, 2012

Mia's Birthday Party, Take 1

It was take 1 for Mia's party because it got cancelled because she got sick. We still had a fun weekend in Fort Wayne, we just had to break the news to poor Brooklynn that she had to wait another week to have cake. 

February 25, 2012

Mommy's Helper

Maybe she was thinking her "cape" was more of an "apron" today...since she was helping me clean and everything. 

Smiley, Smiley Gabby

People tell me all the time that they love Gabby's smile, and it lights up the room. I agree. She is so smiley. It is very hard to ever get mad at her when this little face lights up. (Even after doing something naughty.)

February 24, 2012

Little People Car

Thank you for the Little People car, Uncle James and Aunt Charity! Gabby loves it and so does Brooklynn. (They fight over it sometimes.) It came with a little baby and a Mom. Brooklynn calls them "Mommy" and "Baby". One time she took her Baby Jesus figure from the Nativity and the baby from the car and had a whole conversation, "Hi, Baby." "Hi Baby Jesus" "How are you doing?" "Where's Mommy?"

February 23, 2012

The Stomach Flu Hits Us Again...

And just like that....bam. We were all so sick. I went to the bathroom and Brooklynn and I pretty much were throwing up at the same time. And it continued ALL NIGHT. It was rough. And then in the morning Josh started. It is no fun at all.

February 21, 2012

Mountain Dew Lover

It seems like everywhere I look Gabby is playing with a bottle of Mountain Dew. 

Waiting to Fix My Car

 I needed some work on my car done and so I finally broke down and just had to do it. The thing is...it is a lot of work having the two kids trying to do something simple like get your car fixed. So we walked over to Walmart. I think they were excited when we left because we totally were there for about 2 hours. I did buy a couple of Valentine kits that were on sale. Then we walked back over to the mechanic and just waited some more in the waiting area. I think they were glad when we left, too. The kids actually did really well, they were just getting pretty restless. We tore apart every single Valentine that we got and then Brooklynn started playing in their cool tire displays.

February 20, 2012

Spring is here!

I loved Gabby's outfit this night...she looked adorable.
 Just let go, Brooklynn!!!! I am trying to teach Brooklynn that if she just lets go of these monkey bars, it's only about 3 inches to the ground from her feet. She will not do it...she will hold on crying, "MOMMY CATCH ME!" She still has yet to just drop but we're working on it.
 Gabby is loving this warmer weather. She loves to be outside. Sometimes she will find her shoes and go over to the gate and just stand there until we go outside.

Brooklynn to the Rescue!

Brooklynn found my nursing cover in a bag somewhere b/c I never use it anymore. I can't get rid of it because it has become one of Brooklynn's favorite dress up items. She wears it like a cape. It is usually on her almost daily at some point. What a silly head. I feel very safe having such a superhero around.

February 18, 2012

Girl Date with Grandma Bean

 While the boys (Josh, James and Grandpa) went to the Michigan basketball game (Christmas present for James) we decided to come to and hang out with Grandma. We played toys, went to McDonald's for dinner and some play time and had lots of fun together. The boys had lots of fun, too.

February 17, 2012

To Go, Please

Check out the size of this McDonalds bag!

For You, Great Grandpa

Gabby's New Obsession...

 Gabby LOVES the refrigerator. Like...every time you open the door no matter where she is in our house she comes running and stands right in the door and won't let you shut it. And if you try moving her to close the door, she crys and crys until you open it again. (which obviously has to happen...but sometimes I humor her and let her play in there for a couple of minutes to keep her happy...and quiet.)