February 3, 2012

Josh's Birthday

The girls each got Josh their own present. (and I even let them decorate them). They were VERY into their work.
 We actually were out shopping for his presents around lunch time and Josh met us at McDonalds for a special birthday lunch with Daddy. 
After work we drove to Everence to see his new office and pick him up for dinner. We went to Applebees.
Here is Josh in his office for those of you who are interested. I was pretty happy that the girls cooperated.
  Josh always wants brownies instead of a cake.
 Brooklynn helping Josh open her present.
 Gabby helping Josh open HER present.
 And me helping Josh open the present from me. (Brooklynn took the picture....I'm pretty impressed.)
 The girls each got him a new shirt and tie (all purple...) and I got him a pair of jeans and another tie that matched. Afterwards we had LOTS of fun with the ties. Brookylnn kept wearing them making funny faces.

 Happy Birthday, my love.

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