June 28, 2011

Date Night!

Josh's parents celebrated their 38th anniversary. I just celebrated my 33rd birthday. So we went out to eat on Saturday night for a joint celebration! We went to Fogo de Chao's in the city. Yummy! It is a Brazilian Steakhouse where they keep bringing you meat as long as your coaster is green. 

We knew Josh's buddy Ryan worked there a while ago but weren't sure if he was still there or not. We actually lost his number (it actually changed) so we hadn't been in contact with him for a while. He was there and we got to see him! He actually surprised us and when our bill came it said $0.00. What a special treat! Thanks again, Ryan! What a fun night!

Grandpa Fred Joins Us

 Thursday night Grandpa joined Grandma for the rest of the weekend!
Brooklynn warmed right up to Grandpa and climbed right up on his lap and got busy coloring.

Gabby was pretty excited, too.

Time for ice cream! I think Grandma was jealous of our date night with Brooklynn so we all got to go again together. None of us complained that we already went earlier in the week.

 The risk-takers sitting next to Brooklynn.

Saturday morning Grandpa & Josh took Brooklynn to help get us all Donuts. She was very excited. Sunday morning she woke up and said, "donuts!?" and I told her maybe, just maybe, Grandpa could be convinced to get more donuts on Sunday, too. And sure enough...she convinced him. 

And of course, we went back to the zoo! We had GREAT weather for the zoo on Saturday.

Off to church on Sunday.

Sunday night after Grandma and Grandpa left Brooklynn was so sad to leave her special bed in our room. So we brought it in her room. I think she ended up in her bed but I'm not sure.
Thanks for a great visit! We miss you already! We can't wait to see you again in a few weeks for Addy's birthday party!

Grandma Kay Kay Comes for a Visit!

Josh's mom came for the week to help with the kids. I was so excited for a break and got so much done! Brooklynn now calls her "Kay Kay" instead of Grandma Kay. It's cute. Thankfully she likes her new nickname.
We started the week out with a bang. Gabby was awake when she got in late Sunday night, and instead of risking waking Brooklynn back up (since she was sleeping in our room, too) I kept Gabby out with me. Gabby was laughing hysterically when she saw Grandma. It went on for probably 5-10 minutes at least. It was so cute.
This is Brooklynn's special bed I made for her for the week in our room. She couldn't wait to sleep there, I think she likes it more than her actual bed.

Monday morning Brooklynn crawled into bed with us (early) and the door was slightly open since Josh was getting ready for work. All of a sudden Brooklynn looked at me and got SO excited and said "Gramma Kay!" And then ran out there to see her. It was pretty cute. I was glad they started the week off with a bang, both of my girls. That morning I started my very long list of things to do by going to the dentist for a cleaning and a double tooth-pulling. When I left Brooklynn was just like, "bye bye, Mommy!" and was completely content with Grandma. (to which I was really relieved because I planned on doing this a lot that week.)
 Grandma with both of the girls. I'm not sure who had the most fun.
 Tuesday we took Grandma to the zoo. Brooklynn was REALLY excited to be able to show her around. First off we fed the ducks. Brooklynn was so excited. I don't think she knew this was an option before.
I know Grandma also worked a lot with Brooklynn and the whole potty-training thing. She even pooped on the potty once! She brought us a special princess potty from her cousin Adeline. She loves it.
Uh-oh. Having too much fun she didn't quite make it every time.
 We took Grandma to the park one of the nights.
Josh and I were able to go to a movie one of the nights. (Which I don't have any pictures from, but it was still fun.)
And another night we took just Brooklynn out for her own special date with Mommy and Daddy. We went out for ice cream. She LOVED it.
 We also planted an herb garden. I was pretty excited, although I'm nervous I still might kill everything. 
Thanks so much for coming out to visit! I got so much done and I know the kids really enjoyed spending some special time with their Grandma! We love you!

My Birthday

I really wanted to go out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast on my birthday. So that is what we did! Mmmmm. What a way to start off my birthday.
After naps we headed to our church's pool party day. It just happened to be on my birthday. We were going to head to the beach, but since we had the free pool option, that is what we did. What a good time. Brooklynn was of course a little fish. 
We came home and did cupcakes and then watched Tangled with Brooklynn, and then The King's Speech. 
And I also didn't really do anything all day, sort of like Mother's Day. Our apartment was left in quite a messy state for the next day when Mom Bean came out, but oh well.

June 27, 2011

Beating the Heat

We were doing great getting lots of outside play time until recently when it got super super hot. It's going to be a long summer if it is too hot to do anything but be inside in the air conditioning. 

We have our kiddie pool on the balcony which I'm sure will get a good workout.
I got Brooke this new rug for her cars. 
 Brooklynn has been playing with her animal magnets constantly. She carries them around all the time. It's so cute. 
We've also been working on potty training since we've been home. It goes great when we're home and can focus on it. 
Brooklynn working on her flexibility. 
I moved more of our toys out to the balcony. I'm sure most of them will come back inside when it gets too hot to play out there again.

Gabby is Sitting!

So we brought up Silly Town! Gabby absolutely LOVES it. I even let go of her just to see how well she could sit up and instead of immediately plopping over like I thought she would...she sat there playing. (She lasted for 5-10 seconds at a time, but hey, I was still impressed.) What a big girl!

June 19, 2011

4 Month Dr. Visit

Here is Gabby before her shots. She did so good for her whole appointment.
This is her after just the ORAL vaccine. The nurse tried to tell me that it was sweet and it didn't really taste that bad. I don't believe her, though.
And then this is her after the actual needles. Poor Gabby.
My good friend Julie watched Brooklynn during Gabby's appointment. So it went so much smoother just having one kid for the morning. It was glorious. Next time I have to bring both of them, though, because they both have an appointment again. Remember how I said I'd never do that again? Well, that will be the third time. I guess I'm just adjusting to motherhood with two kiddos and it's not as big of a deal anymore.