June 11, 2011

Everybody and Gabby

One of the nice things about our weekend was that since there were so many people there there was lots of love to go around. Since Gabby was a lot less fussy than the first time she met everyone, it was a lot more fun to hold her. (Even though, she was still kinda fussy since her nap schedule got thrown for a loop, too.) So when you weren't having a turn holding cute little Josie, you could always have a turn with Gabby! There aren't really any pictures with me and Gabby because I really only held her when I was feeding her and then I tried to pass her off so I could have a break. (And hold Josie.)

Grandma got LOTS of snuggle time.
And so did Grandpa. They even took a little nap together.
 Daddy/Daughter picture. Sorry, Marc...this happened on Friday before you got there.
Andi got lots of Gabby time, too. She really had her going with lots of smiles and giggles.
And this picture is just cute.
 Here is Mia and Gabby 
 And Myla and Gabby. I think they look a lot alike. And they look about the same size even though Myla is a good year and a half older than Gabby.
 Aunt Diana and Gabby
 Uncle Marc & Gabby
 The two pictures of Marisa and Gabby are two of my favorite pictures from the whole weekend. The one on the left is just such a good picture, and the one on the right is just a classic. I love how Marisa is smiling so sweetly even though Gabby is screaming her head off.
 Uncle Jacob and Gabby. (Look how much Gabby likes Uncle Jacob already!)
And of course Daddy got some good Gabby time. Gabby LOVES Daddy.
And sometimes Brooklynn is even so sweet when she doesn't think anybody is looking.

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