June 2, 2011

4 Months Old!

Gabby is 4 months old, already!!! I can't believe just how BIG she is. I went to take this picture and I thought to myself, "OK, I know she is a big girl, she weighs 16 pounds and everything, but when did she start to be THIS big?! Possibly overnight?"
Her colic is officially gone. YAY! (Hallelujah chorus singing in the background of my brain.) She is still fussy sometimes but then again so is every baby. Most of the time she is pretty happy, although she is living up to her namesake of "GABBY" (meaning she talks all the time.) Sometimes I think it's that she is whining a little bit but she just likes to jibber jabber. Maybe she'll be a singer? 
Gabby likes to sit upright now. She can't do it by herself but she LOVES to be held on your lap sitting up. I think so she can have a good view of the world around her. She is really strong. Strong and heavy...brutal combination. Sometimes I break a little sweat when I have to wake up in the middle of the night and actually LIFT her to move her so I can feed her...that is how heavy she is. I love every bit of her, too. It's so different having a more chubby baby...Brooklynn was so skinny I'm not used to it. I love all her little squishy fat rolls. More baby to love is what I say. I know she will burn most of it off in just a few months when she becomes more mobile so I'm cherishing my little chubs. 
Gabby can roll over from belly to back, and she has gone from her back to her belly on the bed, but I don't think it counts yet until it's on a harder surface. Today I put her in the crib under her mobile and she wiggled her way all the way in a circle so she was facing the other way when I went back in.
Her and Brooklynn are getting along a lot better now so I'm happy to report that it's officially safe to let her play on the floor when Brooke is awake. (Thank goodness!) Gabby is starting to fight back a little bit and loves to pull Brooke's hair and also kick her. Brooke thinks this is a great game and loves to "tattle" on her so it keeps them both very busy. There is also lots of kisses and raspberries. My life is a lot less like a referee and more like a parent now. So that makes me a lot happier.
Well, I can't write too much more now...they are finally both sleeping at the same time and really should clean up a little instead of ramble on here. (Sleeping at the same time to give me much of a break is a very rare occasion these days.)

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