June 4, 2011

Escape Artist

Next up? We're ordering these little wonders.
I'll post another update when we get them. I'm about ready to go bonkers.
On a side note, Brooklynn has improved a little bit. On the way home the other day she got one of Gabby's (poopy) diapers out of the diaper bag, opened it and instead of playing in it she threw it on the floor. So I guess that's a baby step in the right direction? The bad news cancelling it out? She's playing with Gabby's diapers now, too. I try and have her help me change her, I think maybe she is just curious and this will help her feel like a big girl if she can help change Gabby and I can teach her how to always use wipes and then wash our hands well afterwards because it is dirty....so far it has proved ineffective.

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