April 21, 2008

Florida 2008

Siesta Key Beach, best beach in the world!

We stopped to see Rachel & Chris before we drove down to Sarasota. Rachel is pregnant! I guess her hormones rubbed off on me because a couple of days later we conceived our first child!

Marisa & Mia, my beautiful nieces. I was so excited to share Florida with them!

Josh and Me at Sharky's restaurant

On the pier

I just love this little girl!

Mia really wanted to take our picture in the pine tree so we did!

Sisters eating ice cream!

Josh and Marc

Marisa and her blue ice cream. I love taking pictures of kids with ice cream all over their faces. It cracks me up.

The girls at sunset

Me and Marisa

Mia and Me

Mia, Andi & Marisa

Me and Josh at sunset

Beautiful sunset

Josh licking the sun

Eating lunch on the beach

The Reinhards

Josh and Me (check out my horrible sun poisoning and sun burn!)

Mia, Aunt Bethany, Marisa & Uncle Josh (Marisa looks deliriously happy because she is with Uncle Josh. She LOVES Uncle Josh!)

Our whole group via self-timer.

Me and Mar-Mar