October 24, 2008

28 Week Appointment/Cousins

These are my 26 week pictures I haven't posted yet, even though I'm writing about my 28 week appointment. We got to take our first "cousins" picture; we're pretty excited about it. Josh's brother and wife are expecting a baby boy 2 weeks after our baby. We're all excited they'll be so close in age. :)

My appointment went well this month. I had my glucose test and had to drink this yummy orange drink. I was a little nervous about it being gross, but I ended up really liking it. I don't have my results yet, but they said no news is good news and then if I hear from them I might have to get tested again. They could feel where Viper was and he/she is head up which is why I'm having some pain again. She could also feel some muscle separation in me in the same place so she said if I'm sore not to be worried. They aren't worried about the baby being head up, they usually like it to be head down at about 34 weeks? or something similar.
The heartbeat this time was 150-160; much higher than 120-130. I thought it was funny and asked if it was normal to be that much higher. She said it was perfectly normal; and actually commented that it was probably because of how active our baby was; it's like our baby is working out in there. She also commented that "Wow, your baby kicked my doppler away" and "Wow, your baby is really kicking hard!" I barely noticed it was even being active, I thought it was sleeping. That is HOW active it gets sometimes. So for the third week in a row they found the heartbeat, Viper kicked it and moved away and they had to find it again. They've all commented on it. I think it's hilarious.
I've also been getting some leg numbness; she said it's probably Sciatica and to see a chiropractor. All my vitals looked good at I only gained 5 pounds this month instead of 8 so they didn't yell at me this time. Yay!

October 18, 2008

Trip to the Midwest

My employers out out of town for 6 weeks so I decided to make good use of my time and take a trip home to visit family. I got to be home for 11 days! It was great! As usual I squeezed in tons of things; but I also did have some nice relaxing times. I spent several days going through tons of boxes in my room and boy did I get rid of a lot of stuff! It looks maybe twice as big in there!

My sisters and my mom threw me my first baby shower! It was so fun to see some old friends and to celebrate our beautiful baby. I can tell this child is already so lucky because it's loved by so many people and he or she is not even born yet!

After the shower we had some good old fashioned Ashley family bonding time! It's always so great to be around my family.

I headed down to Fishers to stay with Andi & Marc and Janelle and her two boys came up for breakfast!
We had a surprise very early 30th birthday party for Josh while we were home, because we will be such new parents around his birthday, and probably won't be able to go out to celebrate. He was definitely surprised! At first he wasn't sure WHY he was being surprised, which was funny. (His actual birthday is Feb. 3) Either way it was fun to be together with the Beans and celebrate Josh.

Later in the week I had another baby shower, this one was thrown by Josh's family. Here are some pictures of the highlights. I loved all the bee stuff. (For those of you who don't know already, we're having a bee nursery theme. I have always LOVED bumble bees!)
On the way home I drove to Toledo to stay with Diana & Jacob to cut a couple of hours off my 10 hour drive. I got to meet their new cats, Bella & Bird. They're adorable! It was also great to see them again. I haven't gotten to see their apartment since their wedding weekend so it looks different with all their new things.
I made it home safely, but I had such a great time getting to be home for 11 days! It was really nice to be more leisurely and just relax. I'll have to start doing this more regularly. :)
It was great to see everyone!