November 30, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving was extra special this year, since we won't get to go home for Christmas, it was kind of a "joint holiday." Nonetheless, I decided I would make a list of just some of the things I am thankful for in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

#1: Finding out that we have another neice or nephew on the way! As soon as the Reinhards got home the girls couldn't wait to put on their pajamas. Marisa jumped out with the biggest smile on her face, hands way up in the air and yelled, "SURPRISE!!!" At first I just thought she finally fit into a hand-me-down from Mia and was excited, but when I saw Mia wearing her shirt I put two and two together.

#2 Watching Mia turn into such a big girl. When it was bedtime she cutely and calmly came over and asked so nicely if she could stay up a little later to help Grandpa finish making the Cranberry Ice. Andi said yes and it was just precious.

#3 Having the next generation help to tear the bread for stuffing. They were such big helpers and were so excited!
#4 Not having to tear the bread for the stuffing.

#5 Watching the girls look at the cooked turkey. This picture doesn't do it justice but their faces were completely lit up!

#6 Early morning bonding time with my neices and my Mom.

#7 Cranberry Cheese Bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Mmmmmmm.

#8 Hearing Marisa call her braids "Braidins" So cute! "Do you like my Braidins?" I think it's from asking her "Do you want us to put your braids in?"

#9 Mia saying, "Aunt Bethany, thanks for making me an office. I LOVE it." When I was home in October I put all my stationery, stickers, markers, etc. all in my desk instead of storing them randomly and having other stuff stored in the drawers. Now it's actually functional and she was down there "Working in her office" almost the whole weekend.

#10 Getting to see my family one last time before the baby comes!
#11 Being pregnant so I could not only finish my dinner but also finish my seconds. Thanks for helping, Viper!

#12 Having Grandma home for Thanksgiving!
#13 Quality time with family.

#14 Building a fort for the girls. They were so excited!

#15 Watching Adeline play in the snow. She was a trooper!
#16 Getting 6 inches of snow! It was so pretty and it looked like Christmas so it kinda felt like we did get to be home!

#17 FINALLY finding a tree this year after turning completely numb about 45 minutes before we found it.
#18 Having a much less stressful tree-erecting ceremony. It was a lot more easy-going this year.

#19 Watching Adeline help decorate. She was so excited to help.
#20 Getting to see the Beans! It almost didn't work out. Thanks for all the extra effort, everybody!

November 21, 2008

32 Week Checkup

Today my checkup was pretty normal. They did take some blood to test my iron? I don't know...they tested something. Today the heartbeat was 130, (not as fast because Viper was mostly sleeping.) She felt my belly and the good news is that Viper is still head down. YAY! And the back is towards my left side with the legs not up in the fetal position, but kicking straight out into my right side. This has been causing me lots of pain, but the baby is very persistant that he/she likes to sleep and play like this. I'm basically stretched the to max but sideways. I'm still not sticking out TOO much towards the front.
She also said it was ok if I traveled home for Thanksgiving. I told her that we were planning on coming regardless, but was glad they gave me the OK. I just have to get out and stretch a lot. (Which should be easy since I'll probably have to pee at every rest area anyway.) We're very excited to go home again. This will be our last trip home without a little baby! We're really sad we can't make it home for Christmas, but also trying to find good things about staying. For instance, we'll finally be able to go to our church's Christmas Eve service.

November 18, 2008

Painting the nursery!

We've started the painting of our nursery! Josh is doing pretty much all the work, he won't let me help with the actual painting. I've been moving stuff out of the way, filling nail holes and taping and then he comes home and paints. It's a good system, I just feel sad I don't get to help. I guess it can be his job. We are doing a pale yellow for 3 of the walls, and then a pale green for an accent wall. It looks cute!

November 11, 2008

Nursery Pics!

We're pretty much done with our nursery! We still need to paint, but we're not sure on the colors yet so we're waiting.