June 28, 2008

June 27, 2008


Every time I go to the grocery store I buy a snicker's candy bar. I decided to just go ahead and buy a bag, that way I could ease my craving without having to eat an entire candy bar. I just ate 7 snack size Snickers in a row...maybe I should stick to regular size?

Breathing Test

So today was my breathing test. When I filled out my paperwork the girl saw that I checked "yes" for eczema and said, "INTERESTING!" I asked her why that was so interesting and she said that often people who have allergies develop them on skin or internally, and basically eczema is asthma of the skin. Sometimes when you're pregnant and your hormones are going crazy you can develop asthma.
So we did the breathing test and she did see consistent "coving" which is how you compensate your breathing. It's like little blockages or something? I forget, but she said a lot of people who have untreated asthma have coving and that was what they were looking for.
SO...I might have asthma. There is another test they have to do which they can't do until I'm no longer pregnant. I don't know if they'll give me an inhaler or even if I'll still have it after I'm not pregnant?
She had a student in with her which was very imformative to me because she explained stuff to him and I got to learn, too. I heard them talking when the door was closed and it was something like, "Oh that reminds me I should find out her gestation. Can you imagine if she's having trouble now how bad it's going to be when she's further along?" Then she asked me and I told her 11 weeks and she looked at me, SHOCKED and asked if I was having twins. She said she's never seen anyone show at 11 weeks. I told her it started around 6 weeks, not quite as big but I really haven't grown too much since then.
So, I won't find out my results for about 5-7 days since a specialist has to read the results, but it was still really interesting. I'm not allowed to do any strenuous exercise, just really mild. (Not that I really can at this point, anyway. I have a hard time walking up my stairs to my apartment.)
So my first appointment with the Birth Center is July 7! I'm excited for that to see what they have to say.

June 24, 2008

10 weeks pregnant

So today was my breathing test, or what I thought was my breathing test. Not sure why I even went in. I basically just got a prescription for a breathing test. I'm going Friday to a hospital. I think she's trying to make sure I'm normal.
If I get a cough or a pain in my calf I might have a blood clot. She doesn't think that's what it is. She's just trying to rule stuff out.

By the way, Friday we went camping and my friend Nicole who is doing her residency confirmed that I am 10 weeks pregnant. We all got to feel my uterus.

My symptom of the week is a bruise-like pain under my bra, right across. It feels like someone hit me with a metal bar. Still having shortness of breath and also fatigue, but mostly I've had a really easy pregnancy. I have heard horror stories about people barfing all the time and feeling so horrible and I generally feel great! Sometimes I even forget that I'm pregnant. Then in the middle of the night when I have to pee it reminds me.

June 22, 2008

Lackawanna State Park Camping Trip

Here's the whole group! This is our 4th year camping and our group keeps growing! Probably because we always have so much fun!

Eric came back with this huge pile of wood! I was impressed.

Eric & Josh standing with their wood they brought back. (this whole pile is one trip for each of them.)
A cute picture around the campfire.
Check out this HUGE pool! I think a crater crashed there and they decided to turn it into a pool. (that is my opinion; not fact.) The capacity is 1346!
The guys playing Bocce ball
The girls making dinner (kabobs, MMMMMMMMM)
Here they are. Aren't they gorgeous?
The girls (minus me) around the campfire
Our campsite
The guys doing dishes!!!!
Josh and Me
The hottest guy thereRolling up a tent...they kept getting closer and closer and when I went to take a picture they embraced.

June 18, 2008

30th Birthday!

I've been dreading turning 30 all year, but really, I had a great day! I don't feel any different, and I didn't lock myself in the bathroom and cry for two hours like my Mom did. (yup, mainly why I was traumatized to turn 30; we thought she was dying in there.) I even got to go to the zoo during the day with the kid I babysit. I love the zoo. Yay, 30! Not so evil and scary after all!
I came home from work on Wednesday planning to have Bible Study like usual and my apartment was all decorated. (very nicely, if you ask me!) I kinda guessed that Josh was throwing me a surprise party. Turns out Julie decorated everything. She did a great job, I especially love the HUGE paper balls. Josh got both of our Bible Studies to meet at our place to celebrate my birthday. It wasn't a huge party but it was really fun. He also planned "Bethany Trivia" and thought of a bunch of questions about me. My favorite part of the night was a karaoke competition. Everyone sang, despite their hesitation. That in itself was the best birthday present they could give me. It was so fun.

My 30th Birthday Cake!

Jordan, Jim, Melissa & Rob

Julie, Emily & Katie

Rob sang the best version of "Beat It" I've ever heard. He didn't score the best, but he won the karaoke competition in my eyes.

Jeff & Julie

Katie & Me

Melissa & Rob

Jeff & Emily

The girls (& Jeff?) all singing

Unchained Melody (Jordan, Josh & Eric)

June 15, 2008

30th Birthday Weekend!

Josh surprised me this weekend. The first stop was a hotel in Atlantic City...at Harrah's Casino. Josh got a free room, so all we had to pay was $11. We went out to dinner, played $5 in slots and watched a movie; I was too uncomfortable to really do anything else. It was fun!

The next morning we got up early to go to the next stop. I had no idea what we were doing, and then I realized we were almost to Philly. ANYTHING could be going on in Philly so I had no clue. Then we pull into the airport parking lot! I asked Josh, "Are we FLYING somewhere?!" I thought and was hoping we might be flying to Indiana and sure enough we were! I was so excited. He said he thought I'd want to spend my 30th birthday with family.

When we landed we were greeted with this adorable sign, homemade by my awesome neices, Mia & Marisa (with a little help from Andi). Notice the Cinderella stickers, Mia went through all her stickers and picked them out just for me because she remember that I love Cinderella. Isn't that cute?

Here's the cute little munchkins.

We got to see Andi & Marc's new house (actually they've lived there about a year, I just hadn't been there yet) and go through Andi's maternity clothes that I am borrowing. The girls thought it was a fun game to try them on and run around. Yes, these are maternity shorts, not potato sacks.

Trying on maternity bras. (the old fashined way)

Marisa with Grandma

Birthday Breakfast! Ever since we were kids we always have birthday breakfast. It started out with donuts, then we had birthday rolls (those pillsbury awesome ones) and this year we had Belly Stickers AND Birthday Rolls. Mmmmmmm. We also get to open presents.

I got the diaper bag I wanted!!! I've always wanted a Vera Bradley Diaper Bag. I actually called my mom to see when the sale was and I was too late; turns out it is in May, not June. I told her I was upset now because I wanted to get a Vera Bradly diaper bag at the sale and give somebody money. (cause they're like $100 normal price.) (By the way, Vera Bradley is from Fort Wayne and there's a huge sale every year, I think at least half price, maybe more.)
She said to maybe put it on my Christmas list and I was all bummed because I didn't want anybody to have to pay full price for it. Turns out, she REMEMBERED from like 3 years ago that I said I wanted one, and had a friend go to the sale and get one, this was even before she knew I was pregnant! I guess it was a "just in case" present because she knew we were trying. She is so sneaky! I also can't believe she remembered that I wanted one! It's exactly what I would have picked out, too. My Mom is the BEST!

My sisters and Mom put together a "This is your life" game. They blindfolded me and took me to different stops that were important while growing up.

This is Mrs. Boone, my piano teacher. This was a big surprise, I think it's been about 10 or 11 years since I've seen her!
They made me do little "challenges" at every stop in order to move on. I had to play something and she had to approve. I sightread this music that was on the piano. It was bad, but she said it was good because that meant I could still sightread.

This was my elementary school!

I had to climb over this in order to move on. I did better and hung from it. I did this every day during recess.

The Ashley girls

Walking to North Side Park where we had band practice.

I had to play a scale? Or Chief Mac? I forget. My clarinet was all nasty it tasted and smelled like mildew.

The Ashley girls at Highland Bethel Church.

The Beans came down and we all went out to dinner. This is all of us!

The Ashleys & The Beans

James, Josh & Adeline

Erin, Betsey & Charity

Adeline & Charity

All the Bean Kids

Adeline kissing us good-bye. It was precious.

Mia showing off all her lightning bugs.

Marisa catching herself?

I think Marisa was jealous of all the attention I was getting so she was pretending to be pregnant, too. I especially love the binky along with it.


Dad, Mom & Me

Thanks for a great weekend, everyone! It was so great to be back and get to spend my birthday with you!