April 28, 2012

Ashley Family Picture

Our Christmas present to our parents this year was a family picture...a long overdue family picture. Part of the present was a weekend to actually all get together and TAKE the picture...not an easy task. And, the one weekend all our schedules allowed it, it decided to rain. Boo. We got together anyway and went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne. We were sad we didn't get to have our outside pictures, but at the Botanical Gardens they look like we were actually outside so that is a bonus.
This is the one that made the cut after about 500 pictures.
This is a close second.
 Here is our family. Brooklynn was completely done...most of the day. So was Gabby but she loves to smile for the camera. The main goal was to get a picture of everybody and I think we did. The others are just a bonus and they're still really good, but I think next time we'll JUST do our family because the girls were ready for naps and just trying to stay awake.
 My Mom and her three girls 
 ALL the girls in the Ashley family. 

 We never did get to get a picture of just Josh and I. We were waiting to get all the rest done b/c the adults cooperate a lot better than the kids. And then Gabby fell asleep. Like HARD asleep.

April 27, 2012

Trip to Fort Wayne

Josh and I drove separately to Fort Wayne for the family picture weekend. He had his first business trip with work so I decided I would just stay with my parents and he could go back. We stayed several days...and 3 out of 4 days we made good use out of our new zoo membership. We also went up early since we had to drive separately anyway. This way we didn't have to wait for Josh. I forget what time we left but I think we got there in time for them to take naps? Or they slept in the car? I forget. 
 Right away Grandpa read to the girls. We brought lots of our library books to keep our girls busy.
Diana with her mustache. Nice.
Brooklynn was all about this box game.
Reading with Grandma
One of the days after the zoo Grandpa took us to a new park in Fort Wayne. The girls loved it, what a cute park.
Aunt Erin even came for a visit! Yay!

Master of the Spoon

Gabby has mastered the spoon...and she's pretty proud of herself, too. (So are we.)


Here are some random pictures from April...
Gabby found our ziplocks. And emptied all of them onto the floor.
 I made Brooklynn a purple hat (which she wore this one time)
 And her white dress...she hugged herself and ran in her room shouting, "Prince! Oh, PRINCE! I'm ready for you to take me to the ball!"
 Story time with Daddy
 I'm not sure what this is from but I love those chubby cheeks.
 Movie time with Daddy
 Coloring time with Daddy.
(Wow, it's always me taking pictures of Josh with the kids...I really do spend time with them, I just don't take pictures of myself doing it.)
 My girls on their couch.

April 26, 2012

Rice Game

This is what we call the "rice game". To play you need two (or one, or any number, really) very needy, high maintenance kids close to dinner time. You also need some dry rice. And a bowl or a pot or something to put it in. And all kinds of spoons, cups, whatever. Put it on the floor and there you go. Let them have at it. Yes, it's a guaranteed MESS to clean up. For several days you will continue to step on more rice grains even though you swore you got them all the first few times you swept/vacuumed/mopped. BUT....and hear me out. It's worth it. Every last minute of their joy, they are so dedicated to dumping, measuring, feeling the texture in their hands....AND the number 1 reason? I was able to make dinner without much interruption. Aaaaaah. 
I had to cut them off when they dumped the entire bowl on the floor....
and then started to "swim" in the rice, flinging it all over my kitchen.

April 24, 2012


Brooklynn wants to go to the library at least twice a day. I try to limit her to just once or twice a week. 
It's usually quite the ordeal as Gabby doesn't sit still and pulls all the videos off the shelf as well as all the books. Here she is ON on the of the shelves. (what a cutie) 
Brooklynn spends most of her time picking out videos, then on the kid computers. She also loves the puzzle section and the train table. If only I could get her to help pick out books. She loves to read, constantly...but when we're there it's like stimulation overload and it's like pulling teeth to try and get her to help me. Usually I just try to find ones I think she'll like or at least I'll like to read to her. Then when we get home she is so excited to read whatever we have.

April 21, 2012

Special Visitors

My Grandma was visiting from Milwaukee and my parents drove her up to Goshen to see us. This is the first time she has met Gabby and she got to see where we are staying right now. What a nice visit!
It's always good to visit with my Grandma. We plan to go visit her soon.
Four generations