April 24, 2012


Brooklynn wants to go to the library at least twice a day. I try to limit her to just once or twice a week. 
It's usually quite the ordeal as Gabby doesn't sit still and pulls all the videos off the shelf as well as all the books. Here she is ON on the of the shelves. (what a cutie) 
Brooklynn spends most of her time picking out videos, then on the kid computers. She also loves the puzzle section and the train table. If only I could get her to help pick out books. She loves to read, constantly...but when we're there it's like stimulation overload and it's like pulling teeth to try and get her to help me. Usually I just try to find ones I think she'll like or at least I'll like to read to her. Then when we get home she is so excited to read whatever we have.

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