April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts, 2012

March 24th: Brooklynn sees the empty Easter eggs in our pantry...so she insists on having a practice hunt. We let her because this is lots of fun and pretty easy to do. We do several practice "hunts" and she is thrilled.

April 5: My sister brought a ton of eggs for us all to find. Josh loves to be on hiding duty and he gets really into it so we let him do his thing. I helped a little but mostly it was Josh. 
Here is the before shot upstairs:
 And the before shot downstairs.
April 7: Our family Easter egg hunt. 
 Brooklynn was amazing, and super fast. Finding Easter eggs is one of her favorite games ever.
Gabby did pretty good, too. Today she actually found some of the eggs and was pretty proud of herself. She kept clapping after each egg.

 After a while Brooklynn's basket got too full so we had her set it on the chair. Then Gabby noticed it almost like she was thinking, "Wow, this is a lot easier way to find them. They're all here waiting for me, I don't even have to LOOK for them!"
Here are my girls after their hut with their full baskets and tummys filled with candy.
April 8: Bean Grandkids Easter Egg Hunt
Here they are waiting inside...barely able to contain themselves.
 Gabby got a head start....and poor girl still got the least amount. (She didn't notice that part, though.)
I was proud of her, she actually knew what to do. (Since you know...this was the 4th time we've done this, she should be an expert by now.)
 Here are the older ones waiting to go.  

 Andrew found the golden egg this year. It was UNDER Aunt Erin's car...pretty far under there, I wasn't able to even reach it. So he earned it climbing all the way under there.
 Look at that proud smile!
All done! Gabby's is the one on the left and Brooklynn's is on the right. 

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