April 28, 2012

Ashley Family Picture

Our Christmas present to our parents this year was a family picture...a long overdue family picture. Part of the present was a weekend to actually all get together and TAKE the picture...not an easy task. And, the one weekend all our schedules allowed it, it decided to rain. Boo. We got together anyway and went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne. We were sad we didn't get to have our outside pictures, but at the Botanical Gardens they look like we were actually outside so that is a bonus.
This is the one that made the cut after about 500 pictures.
This is a close second.
 Here is our family. Brooklynn was completely done...most of the day. So was Gabby but she loves to smile for the camera. The main goal was to get a picture of everybody and I think we did. The others are just a bonus and they're still really good, but I think next time we'll JUST do our family because the girls were ready for naps and just trying to stay awake.
 My Mom and her three girls 
 ALL the girls in the Ashley family. 

 We never did get to get a picture of just Josh and I. We were waiting to get all the rest done b/c the adults cooperate a lot better than the kids. And then Gabby fell asleep. Like HARD asleep.

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