February 27, 2010

BumGenius Cloth Diapers

I realized I haven't made another post updating about Brooklynn's cloth diapers. We LOVE them. They work super well, better than disposables, actually. I've only had ONE poopy blowout since we got them and that was when she was sick with the stomach virus. I wash them about every 2-3 days; usually every other day. It's not too bad, just a little annoying that I have to walk downstairs to wash them. They are saving us SO much money, too. I started them because I got fed up with buying disposables, so I decided to never do that again. Sometimes she pees through them at night. She makes a lot of pee. We even put two extra doublers in there (a doubler is a thinner, extra insert for extra thickness.) It usually does the trick, but sometimes she soaks everything. Which I've decided not to let bother me too much, I mean that happened to us a lot with the disposables, too. Brooklynn is quite the pee-er. So really, I couldn't afford NOT to use these. Plus, look how stinkin' adorable they are!
So in other words, we at the Bean house give them 6 thumbs up!

You can view more photos of our photo shoot here.

February 26, 2010

Birthday Outfits

Brooklynn got two more outfits for her birthday! I finally put them on her to take pics. They are more springy so I haven't had a chance to really try them on her yet. I think they will fit really well then! They are so cute, Brooklynn was so excited because she felt so pretty in them. Thank you, Melissa & Rob!

February 25, 2010

Brooklynn Discovers My Stamp Collection

I think pretty soon Brooklynn and I are going to have so much fun doing crafts together! Here is my evidence. Not only did she have a hay-day pulling out all the boxes and throwing them down, she proceeded to CLIMB INTO the container and play with them in there. It's like she was just trying to give herself enough room to get in. She is so cute.

February 24, 2010

Don't Drink and Walk?

This Sprite bottle is one of Brooklynn's new favorite toys. I'm not sure why, it's empty. I think it makes her feel like a big girl. She found it digging through our recycling (another one of her favorite games, I have to always remember to keep the door closed)and played with it the rest of the day. We keep it in her toy box now and she still loves it. I thought this video of her walking while having it in her mouth was hilarious.

February 23, 2010

Bear Update

We got the two bears in the mail. NO BOWS. I'm so irritated. The "Bear Bow Project" is currently underway. On a side note, look how fluffy and white they are! I can't believe how soft and furry they feel. Of course Brooklynn still only wants the one with the bow.


Brooklynn LOVES her bear. She has slept with it every nap and every night since she was born. We had three of them: two normal ones with the bow that she likes to chew on and play with, and one NO-bow imposter. She kinda likes that one, but it still looks pretty much brand new. We now only have ONE bear with a bow. The other one got lost at the King of Prussia Mall. What a sad day. I actually just ordered two more, and I THINK they have bows. We will see how they hold up in the Brooklynn test.

February 22, 2010


I taught Kai how to cheer "USA! USA!" when we were downstairs and he asked if we could watch the Olympics. I love hearing him say, "The Olympics" it's so cute.

February 21, 2010

The Effects of Blizzard 2010

We are still recovering from all of our snow, snow and more snow.
Here is a car that still hasn't been dug out. I see it all over, this one isn't even as bad because some of the snow has melted and the plowed snow isn't as high as the car like in some places.
You can't drive about 10-15 feet here in Norristown without seeing some of these very strange "space-savers". I really don't get it. How much more ghetto can you be? I guess putting a chair in the street is supposed to be universally known as "Don't take my space, I did all the work digging out my car so don't park here." It makes me want to move the chair and park there just to see what would happen. Would anything really happen? Would it start a parking spot stealing frenzy? Luckily I won't have to because we have a garage now, but this is quite interesting. You don't see it in many cities besides this one. (At least, I don't think I ever saw this in Indiana.)

February 20, 2010

Brooklynn's Road to Walking

Brooklynn is officially walking. She has a little trouble standing up from the ground still, but she does really well! Here is a look at the journey of learning to walk.

First she learned how to stand by holding onto her crib

And onto Sadie's toy stage that she loves

Then she learned how to "cruise"

She finally took some steps on her own here, but still usually preferred to "cruise"

Getting a little more sure of herself

We had to resort to bribing her with M&Ms and her cup or bottle

Finally we moved the couches away from each other because she loves to use them for support, this helped her be able to practice more

Sometimes we call Brooklynn "Frankenstein" (this isn't really a development in the walking, just a funny video of how she grunts and holds her arms like Frankenstein)

And here she is walking! She likes to see how long she can go before she falls. Then she'll crawl over to the nearest chair, couch or Mommy to help herself back up and try again. We do this all day.

Daddy's Pretzels

What happens when Josh leaves his bag of pretzels out and open on a Friday night? Brooklynn goes to town on them on Saturday morning! It was so funny watching her. I realize I over-did it a TAD with the amount of pictures I took of this, but I couldn't quite get the right one and I thought they were all cute. I LOVE how the entire bag is on the floor, and then seeing her grab so many of them in each hand. She was thrilled with her game.

February 19, 2010

A Chocolate Lollipop

Thank you, Aunt Diana! Brooklynn LOVED her chocolate.

February 18, 2010

Weekend with Diana

Diana came to Philly this weekend to hang out with us. She got to spend some one on one time with Brooklynn Sunday night and Josh and I had a date night! Then we hung out all day on Monday. Thanks so much for coming to visit! We had so much fun and we miss you already!