May 30, 2012

First Visit to the Splash Park

We just had Memorial Day. Guess what that means? The splash parks are now open!!! Yay! We are especially glad this year because it's been in the 90's already starting in like March.
We drove by to check it out and of course the girls wanted to get out. Nobody was playing in the water yet (maybe because it wasn't actually WARM out the day we went) and so we walked over to turn them on just to see if they were in fact, we could come back another day. Well....they continued to get soaked anyway. They had a blast. I was fine with it but I'm not sure how excited all the other Moms were of the kids who joined in. Sorry if you're one of them. 

May 29, 2012

Who Left an open Can of Coke on the Table?

 I know it wasn't me who left this can here...but Gabby sure found it FIRST thing in the morning and dumped it all over herself and the floor. She was pretty proud of herself for being such a good girl and getting it down for me. Just trying to help me clean up, I guess.

May 27, 2012

Pool Fun

Josh's parent's neighbors have a pool and they were out of the town for the weekend and told us we could use the pool. We were all very excited and made good use of it. (Especially Brooklynn and Adeline.)
Gabby my little daredevil kept trying to climb the ladder to the slide.
Brooklynn over and over wanted to do the water slide.

Andrew isn't cooperating for the camera lately.
He can't help but smile when he's with Uncle Josh, though.
Gabby and Andrew are starting to have their own special bond. They played together for quite a while.
I love my girls.