May 19, 2012

Another Trip to the Zoo

So the morning of Erin's concert we decided to all go to the zoo for a little bit. 
Look how far ahead of us Brooklynn always seems to be...I think she is getting more comfortable at this zoo.
Gabby and Brooke's baby hanging out in the stroller.
Here we are on the carousel. They were having some problem with it so we got to ride it like 4 times. I just wanted to get off, my legs were KILLING me.
Check out Brooklynn...there is a TIGER right behind her!
On the log ride. This was always my favorite thing at the zoo. I think it might be Brooklynn's too.
We got to wave to my parents from the log ride
And Brooklynn thinks that every single time we pass one of these creature things we have to take a posed picture. Probably because there is always some sort of wait to do so of other people taking the same picture.
We cooled off in the misters. She loves this part.
There you go, Brooklynn! You got him!
Brooklynn is getting so brave. She pet a peacock (which she always tries to do) and fed a goose right out of her hand. I was really proud of her for brushing the goats. Although she LOVES them, she has always been terrified and refused to even PET one. And now she (a little cautiously) goes right up and brushes them. What a big girl.

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