May 21, 2012

The Hammes Family Comes to Visit

Two of our best friends came to visit us in Goshen. They were somewhat nearby for a graduation and it was on the way home so they saw where we live, stayed with us and then continued on their way. It was SO good to see them. Also, extra sad because seeing them in person makes me realize just how much I miss them and how hard it is not to have them just a few minutes away anymore. We're excited to get to go stay with them over Labor Day.
It was so great to see you guys! I miss you so much and it was great to get to hang out, even for a little bit.
Julie and I talked.
 Eric and Josh played with their phones. (I took this...AND actually another one to make fun of them for being on their phones when they could be talking.) They actually did talk, too.
 Julie and Gabby. I think she spilled or something; I'm not sure why she is completely soaked. I guess she is experimenting with using a regular cup? 
All the kids kept running back and forth. They all played in our room for a little bit until we realized it was probably not the best idea to have 3 kids 3 and under alone in a room together for very long.
Gabby and Levi were being really cute together.
Here are the girls playing on Brooke's "special bed" that we make for her when she sleeps in our room. Gabby loved it so much I'm thinking of making it her actual bed.
Here they are in the morning. I think Levi was mad that I was hoarding all the trains until the last minute. Almost like, "These have been here THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?!"
Come back soon, guys! We'd love to have you stay in our NEW house once we move in!
We can't wait to see you over Labor Day!

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