November 29, 2010


And then the long 11-hour drive back home. We were both so glad Brooklynn has been doing better in the car. She never really got fussy the whole time. AND, coming out she only slept a total of 1 1/2 hours, but on the way back it was more like 5 or 6. Aaaaaaaah. Look at my happy girl. I think she was excited to have some quiet time after all the excitement. She's in for quite a change in a couple of months when it's never really quiet anymore.

Snuggle Time with Grandma Kay

Everyone but us left on Sunday night to get back home. We didn't leave until about 10 am Monday morning. When we woke up in the morning Brooklynn ran in the den and said, "Adeline?" and was sad when she realized they had left. Luckily Grandma was still there for her to play with and they got to spend a little time before we left just her and Grandma. I LOVE these pictures. Brooklynn was really tired the whole day before so she wasn't really smiling...I'm glad she did for this one, it turned out so cute.

November 28, 2010

Jumping on Josh

Josh always makes up the funnest games which makes him very popular with all the little ones. The did this over and over and over. It was cute to see how fun this was for all of them. He wouldn't let me have a turn, though.

Decorating the Bean Tree

It was so cute to watch all the kids decorating the tree this year. Last year Brooklynn and Andrew were too little so this year even though they kinda threw the ornaments into the tree, they still LOVED it and really understood what we were doing. So cute. I can't wait to do our tree so Brooklynn can decorated it every day until we take it down.

Can you find the huge clump of ornaments that Brooklynn decorated? I think she liked them all RIGHT THERE.

Finding the Perfect Tree

One of the Bean Thanksgiving traditions is going out in the freezing cold, finding the perfect tree (which is usually the very last one out of the whole forest) cutting it down, bringing it back and decorating it. I usually love it, although I'm usually happy with one of the very first trees we see because it's so cold out. This year was cold but it was comfortable when you were bundled up. So I was REALLY happy. It was fun to see Brooklynn running around with her cousins. She crashed half-way through and looks like a zombie for most of the pictures but she wasn't fussy or anything. And we always like to take lots of pictures because it's so Christmas-y with all the trees and being outside, etc.

Where our tree used to be...
loading the tree onto the cart


After Fort Wayne we drove up to the Beans in Olivet. It's nice for us because it's only an hour and a half away from my parents. (Even though it's still far from us in PA.)
These are all just random pictures of everybody hanging out.

November 27, 2010

Brooklynn and Great Grandma

My Grandma was able to come this year for Thanksgiving all the way from Wisconsin. It was really special to see Brooklynn playing with her. We were all excited to get to see Grandma since we don't see her that often.