March 30, 2010

The Case of the Missing Sippy Cups

Oh, HERE they are! Brooklynn always throws or drops her cup on the floor while she's eating. These cups are from about 1 day's worth of meals. At least she is consistent with her aim.

March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday, everybody! Brooklynn LOVED her palm branch and she stole mine, too. This is how she was when we got home from church, clinging to them for dear life in her sleep. What a cutie.

March 25, 2010

March Madness!

March Madness starts up again tonight. As usual Brooke and Josh are very excited. Brooke doesn't even flinch when Josh screams at the TV. That is a good thing or it would be a rough month in our house. It's like she KNOWS. Now I'm dreading my future with the two of them both yelling. Oh please help me.
As a tribute to March Madness I'm posting a video of Brooke's first game of 1 on 1 basketball. I think we need to teach her a few moves.

First Blood

Believe it or not, the blood from her lip that ended up on her shirt, and the two following injuries you see on Brooke's shirt are all separate injuries. They just all happened within about 36 hours of each other. The first one she got a fat lip when she fell into a coffee table (we don't have one so she's not too graceful around them), and the other two I'm not even sure how they happened. They were just there all of a sudden, she probably fell somehow but she never really cried so I don't know what happened.

It's Official...

It can be Spring now. Brooke has her first pedicure of the year. We're all set. Bring on the warm weather. (Now if I could just find time to do mine...)
She actually let me do them while she was awake. It was a first for her. :) She keeps touching them, I think she likes them.

March 24, 2010

23 Days!

We will be in Florida. I'm so excited!

March 23, 2010

Slide Bloopers

Here is the normal sliding video...

And here are all our bloopers:

14 Months

Brooklynn is 14 months old today. She's having a rough day, actually. Lots of sleeping. Two nights ago she had such a restless night of sleep and she was really warm. I just thought it was the nice warm weather. Then yesterday around 4:00 she kept being so whiny and then I figured out she had a fever. (I always feel a little guilty for the annoyance that I feel from the whining after I realize she doesn't feel good.)
Right now she is sleeping on the couch. She feel asleep a little bit after she woke up this morning. Still hasn't had breakfast, or done anything besides watch a Veggie Tales video.
Besides these last few days, she has been SO cute. She is at a really fun (and busy) age. We spent a lot of time outside over the weekend, even eating lunch outside. I put her high chair on our balcony. She loved being outside so much she didn't want to come in.
Here are some pictures of her at the park. As you can tell she was in absolute heaven. I think the one of her on the slide is my new favorite picture ever.

We learned that if we put a gate out on the balcony and leave our door open, she is content to walk inside, then outside, then inside, then outside for quite a while. It kept her busy for about 45 minutes after the park on Sunday. Not much will keep her busy for more than 3 minutes these days so I'll take anything, even at the risk that bugs might end up in here. (Or worse, our friendly squirrel that is always out there...I'm just waiting for the day that he ends up in here.)

After we closed our balcony door she went on to search for entertainment and decided she would learn how to do her slide all by herself. She hasn't mastered it yet, and has always needed our I thought. I was watching her and folding laundry and she walked over...I said, "NO, you need Mommy or Daddy to help you" and she proceded to climb up and go down, staring at me the whole time like, "See, no I don't." She's quite the stinker, but I'm also glad she can do this fun activity by herself now.

March 19, 2010

Shape-O Ball

Brooklynn is getting pretty good at her "Shape-O Ball"! Check her out:

March 16, 2010

Official Big Girl

Brooklynn is finally 20 pounds and that means we finally got to face her forwards in her carseat. She was SO excited. I still look back and see her just smiling away. I love it. I can even unbuckle her from in the front seat now if it's raining so less time to get wet. She also loves climbing out of it all by herself. What a big girl!

Snuggle Time

We all got to have some snuggle time! It was so nice! It is hard to have snuggle time when you're back home and trying to deal with your own kid. We made sure to have plenty of snuggle time with Adeline and Andrew and James and Charity were getting as much snuggle time as Brooklynn would allow. Brooklynn has been waking up around 10 pm or so and will sleep out in the living room with us and snuggle so they got to enjoy that.

Special Night with Adeline

Since we spend so much time chasing around Andrew and Brooklynn (A.K.A. "Double Trouble") we decided to have a special Adeline night when they went to bed. She got to stay up late and we made her the center of attention like she used to know and love so much. We watched "The Potty Video" while we were putting down the babies, played "Go Fish" and "Old Maid" and then played her Balloon game where we blow up the balloon and let it go. She had SO much fun. So did I, actually. I could use another round of Old Maid. That is one of my favorite games.

The girls WIN!

Photogenic Andrew

Look at my handsome nephew!

Only a Few Casualties

We had a great weekend! We only had a few minor incidents. I happened to get them on camera.