September 27, 2010

Balcony Visitor

So the other day I thought I saw a bird fly onto our balcony. It turns out it wasn't a bird, it was a HUGE praying mantis. I didn't know they could get that big; all the ones I've seen have been a LOT smaller. It didn't want to leave, it kept hanging out and we kept watching it. Brooklynn was really excited about it, she kept calling it a "big bee!"
We finally got it to fly away when we helped Brooklynn try and "pet" it. We have the strangest things come and visit us on our balcony.

Brooke's New Haircut

Here are a few shots of Brooklynn's new do. I think it's very cute. She looks like a little lady now.

September 23, 2010

20-Months Old!

Josh and I are both LOVING the stage Brooklynn is at right now. Such a happy girl with so much spunk! Every day she is learning new things and doing something totally new and she gets so proud of herself. Sometimes the new thing is completely naughty (lately she has been climbing on the table) but she acts so proud of herself either way.
She is really developing quite the sense of humor. Every time somebody laughs at something she does she will get the hugest smile on her face and repeat that activity several times, just to get a laugh. It's really cute.

September 22, 2010

Brooklynn's First Hair Cut

I finally broke down and gave Brooklynn a haircut...I was letting it grow out but the top was so ridiculously longer than the bottom layer. I just HAD to even it out. Plus it was starting to break and have split ends. Now she looks so cute and like a little girl, but she also has hair that it even. SO much better. It really was driving me nuts. Josh was hesitant about me cutting it but even he says that it looks better now. (By the way, for those of you who are wondering, yes, the final length is the same as the bottom layer started just never grew that fast after she was born. If you look at the before shots, that is how different the top layer was from the bottom.)

September 20, 2010

September 19, 2010

Diana & Jacob's

Sunday night Josh's Mom took us over to Toledo to stay with Diana and Jacob. Our flight Monday morning was at 6:45 am so it was SUPER early and Toledo was closer to Detroit than Olivet or Muskegon. PLUS, as an extra bonus we also got to see Diana and Jacob!
Thank you so much for letting us stay with you and for also taking us to the airport SOOOOOO early. We can't wait to see you for longer at Thanksgiving!

Cute Family Shots


We were excited to get to surprise Adeline about our visit, too. Charity couldn't tell her just in case she let it slip to James, so she got to be surprised, too! We really wanted to make the trip for her benefit. We have been to her house twice since she was born, but both times she doesn't remember. So she doesn't think we've ever been there. AND, to top it off, every time we see her, she always says stuff like, "When you come to MY HOUSE...." So we really wanted to go to Muskegon to see her.
Brooklynn was SO excited to see Adeline. Even while I'm writing this she is on my lap and she keeps pointing to her picture saying, "Adeline! Adeline!"
I'm glad we got to come to your house and see you, Adeline! Thank you for sharing all your toys with Brooklynn. We miss you already!


I managed to get a few cute pictures of Andrew while we could pull him away from Grandpa. I told Josh I think Brooklynn is learning to talk one word at a time...but Andrew sounds like he's already talking. (You just can't really understand any yet.) I think it's all going to click one day and he'll just know every word in the English language at once. He jibber jabbers in complete sentences complete with tone and expression and everything.
We were so excited to get to spend some time with you, Andrew! We miss you already!

September 18, 2010

Mall Play Area

After the beach we went to the mall to play in the play area. Brooklynn was so excited, especially about that bridge. The kids ran around laughing and playing. Another day of lots of activity to wear them all out.

Blooper shot: