July 31, 2011

Just Another Night at the Park

So we had a nice evening at the park...
Brooklynn played a little,
 Gabby took a nap on Josh...
 Brooklynn braved the monkey bars (sort of)...
and then we had to leave early due to a potty training incident. 

Following in Brookie's Footsteps

So Brooklynn is and continues to be the messiest kid on the planet. Gabby is attempting to be just as messy. (Although I don't think she is even close.)
Either way, she's having lots of fun playing with her baby food.

Getting Ready for the Doctor

So BOTH girls have a Dr. appointment later in the week. I wanted to get them all prepared for the whole thing so we broke out the Dr. kit. We explained to Brooklynn all the stuff that was going to go on there. We even got her to open her mouth for us and say "aaaaw". I was pretty optimistic about the whole thing.
(ha ha...that is a good one.)

Brooke's New Spot

So I look over and Brooke just made herself nice and cozy up here on the couch. It made me feel like I had a cat again. Do you think she thought the couch cover was just too messed up to sit on it?

12 Month Clothes...Come and Gone.

I mean, seriously, could my little snug as a bug get any cuter? Or any SNUGer? Well...we don't think so. These pajamas were so so so tight I kinda felt guilty making her keep them on. It was torture putting them on, though, so I wasn't about ready to do the whole process again into something else. We did, however, pack them up. I mean, really. Just look at how tight those arms are. 

Photo Shoot #6

I think we're finally done. It's not as great as I was hoping, but I think I finally have a picture good enough to send over to the Birth Center of both of my girls wearing their free shirts. FINALLY. Seriously...I never thought it would be QUITE this hard. Now to figure out which one to send...

 Don't worry....we still had a few real doozies, too.

July 30, 2011

Back to the Beach!

Josh flew out of Atlantic City when he flew out to meet us in Michigan. And to save some money on parking he parked his car at our friends' house in Brigantine. The first chance we had to go get his car was the next week on Saturday. I thought we would drive early, spend the day at the beach and then just drive separately home. The girls actually slept the whole way home so they barely even noticed that Josh wasn't even with us. AND...we got to hang at the beach all day! It was a great day at the beach. A little hot. Since there wasn't much wind the water was really calm and Brooklynn swam really well in the water.

 We even tried to fly a kite. I brought it thinking there is ALWAYS enough wind to fly a kite at the beach. This is about as high as we got it. 

July 29, 2011

Two Happy Girls

The avocado was a big hit!
 And so is the new backpack!

The Fair

So our friends mentioned that this fair had elephant ears. That is usually a given, being a FAIR. But to my Midwest friends reading this...get this. Almost every single person out here has NEVER HEARD of elephant ears. Oh, they have funnel cake. But there is never any elephant ears! Can you believe it?
SO....when they told us this I mentioned it to Josh and we went. Oh, on the way it was a DOWNPOUR...we're talking thunder, lightning...and we even forgot to stop at the bank for some cash. But we managed to find $5 in change in my car and so we went. When we got there it had stopped raining and everyone at the fair was drenched. We headed in, found the elephant ear stand...and yup. There they were. It was glorious. And even when we ordered so many people walking by were like, "What is an elephant ear?" Can you believe it?

THIS is an elephant ear. It's amazing. It's similar to a funnel cake but it's flat and more crispy. And you would never ruin your elephant ear with powdered sugar...nope. It's all cinnamon and sugar. Delicious. And since there are never any elephant ears anywhere around here...Brooklynn had never tried one before. But tonight she did. Yes, she has finally tasted the amazing greasy goodness. She loved it, by the way.
 We stayed a little bit and looked at some of the farm animals. She was terrified of the cows. We even got to see a sheep shearing. How fun! 

 The first thing any farmer will tell you when you try and milk a cow is never, I repeat NEVER stand behind her when you are trying to milk. You could a: get kicked...HARD. or b: get peed or pooped on. Not a good idea. I didn't have the heart to tell Brooklynn when she milked this fake cow.

July 28, 2011

Brooklynn's Two-and-a-Half-Birthday

Celebrating Brooklynn's 2 1/2 birthday was lots of fun. We had tacos for dinner, which is her favorite. And then we had half a pan of brownies. Mmmmmmmm. She was so excited and kept saying "birthday!!!" all day. 
What a special 2 and a HALF year old.

 Gabby REALLY wanted some brownie.
 Brooklynn even got a present this  year! Adeline got a new backpack for her birthday and was nice enough to give Brooklynn her old one. (Or at least Charity was nice enough...I'm not sure Adeline knows about this. I hope she isn't upset.) We wrapped it up for her half-birthday so she could have a present to open, too! How fun. She LOVES her backpack. She put all her Tag Jr. books in there along with some pencils and a bunch of cards and she pulls them all out and looks at them every day.

July 27, 2011

Brooke's New Water Baby

Grandma Kay got this baby for Brooklynn when she came to visit. We kept forgetting to take some pictures with it so we finally did.
I think it is one of her new favorites. She LOVES it. Thank you!
Oh, and a random thing...she calls this particular baby "Gabby." I think it's because it's a little chubbier than her other babies.

Photo Shoot #5

 Yup, we're on photo shoot #5. 
Then we broke out the big guns...If you were taping us you would have hear us saying stuff like, "We'll give you chocolate, cookies, cake, ice cream, whatever you want just take ONE good picture! That's all we ask!"
I might have to settle for something like this...