July 5, 2011

More Fun at the Zoo

We're trying to take advantage of our zoo membership. Pretty soon (if not already) it will be too hot to go until it cools off a little bit. It's just not fun being out in the heat. I'm trying to get there as much as we can before we're stuck in the air conditioner.

Yup, sometimes I still put Brooklynn in my slings. (If Gabby lets me take her out ever.)
 Brooklynn loves this teepee. She thinks it is HERS. Don't you dare try to tell her it's time to come out because she won't do it. 

 Brooklynn was in her glory showing Kai around at the zoo. 

 I looked over to see where Brooklynn was and gasp this is where I found her. She did great, but I am not ready for her to be able to do this by herself. She has other things to say about that.

 This is Kai's precious baby sister, Maia. She's a cutie!

 Brooklynn is still obsessed with the peacock. She's actually touched him a few times but can't every time because when she gets too close he slowly walks away and it scares her too much to get him quick enough. She keeps trying, though. 

 These are the ground up fish and blood ice cubes. Gross. The otters seemed to like them, though.
 Gabby still can't do much at the zoo except sleep and swing in the baby swing. She sometimes looks around and I think she likes being there. 

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