July 21, 2011

The Beach!

The day of the beach was finally here! Brooklynn had been counting down for weeks, she just couldn't wait.
 Gabby loved it, too. It was shallow enough that she could sort of "walk" in her little floaty. 
 My favorite picture of the day, possibly the week. Brooklynn and Andrew are both so in their element. Brooklynn is running and loving her life in the water. And Andrew is just so excited about his ball.
 Charity and Gabby. Charity was SO excited to have lots of Gabby time. 
The other girl in the second picture is Adeline's friend, Anna. And Brooklynn hasn't stopped talking about her since. She made quite the impression on her. I don't know if it's that or she just likes to say her name or what. We even asked Brooklynn who her best friend was a few days ago and she said "Anna." 
 The kids were all about the sand dunes. They would climb to the top and then run down and into the water. What a fun game.

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