July 13, 2011

1st Stop: Columbus!

 My friend Rachel used to live in Tampa and we often have seen her when we go down to Florida over the years. She and her husband just moved back to Columbus and so even though it was actually closer, I couldn't imagine when I would really see her anymore! So I made it a point to stop by on my way to Indianapolis this trip. We usually go over to Fort Wayne, first so we don't always go that way. I was so excited to get to see her. She has two little girls really close in age to Brooke and Gabby. We stayed for dinner and also played a little bit on this playground (that was about 15 feet from their front door. How fun is that?) I wanted to take our second longer stop here, and maybe the girls would forget we were in the car all day before driving 3 more hours.
Brooke and Olive
Gabby and Edie 
 Saying goodbye. Brooklynn keeps talking about "Olive" and "Olive's house". I think she made a true friend this time.

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