July 23, 2011

Tangled Birthday Party

Adeline's big Tangled Birthday Party was finally here! She was so excited. 
I just love this video of Adeline. She was running all over the place just SO excited for her party to start. She was doing it for a while before I got it, so imagine this but way, way longer. What a sweetie.
Adeline with some of her guests. Notice all the girls got long Rapunzel braids and the boys got Eugene wanted posters around their necks.
Good job with all the decorations, James!
Charity did a great job on all the food! Mmmm. (And well...everything else.)
This is a view of the party...there were like 50 or 60 people there. I'm not sure about the final count. 
Gabby and Grandma Kay. I like your yellow hair.
This is my favorite picture of my girls. Gabby is just SO excited to be pulling Brooklynn's hair, especially since it's so long and yellow. And Brooklynn is, well...not too thrilled about this.
The busy birthday girl took a quick break to take a picture with her Aunt Bethany.
Charity did a great job on the cake. It was so cute and yummy, too!
We don't have many family pictures of the 4 of us...so I thought it was a good excuse to take one when there were other people around to take one for us. 

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