July 24, 2011

An Adventurous Drive Home...

Letting the girls hang out on our car before we left.
 Hmmm...maybe this is why we had problems later?
 So we borrowed my parent's car-top carrier for the drive home. We had lots of stuff and very little room. Man, we need a mini-van.
Not far into our trip Josh quickly pulled over because THIS happened.
 Now what? So we decided to put our blanket OVER the tub as a make-shift lid. We put the bungee cord around it to hold it on and then put it back on top. It worked, but without that extra bungee cord they kept sliding back, and we almost lost them a few more times. We finally stopped again and bought some new ones which held out to the end of the drive. 
On a side note...could we BE any more Redneck?

 We also had a good opportunity to open the other part of Olive's gift to Brooklynn. It never got dark on the way to Indy so I saved it for the drive home. Boy was that a fun toy for a dark car! She LOVED it!!! We will have to remember that for future trips. Thanks, Olive! (And Rachel, too.)

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