July 15, 2011

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Friday we went to the Children's Museum. We have been a few times before but now that Brooklynn is older I thought she would love it EVEN MORE! We were so excited about this. Thank you, Andi, for taking us!! We had so much fun!
I keep saying "not in your mouth." I guess Brooke THOUGHT she was obeying because she would put down that toy and just get a different one...to put in her mouth. I don't think she knew I meant NONE of the toys were supposed to go in her mouth.

When we first got to the Children's Museum Brooklynn kept shouting "dinasin, dinasin!" (dinosaur). She thought it was SO funny that he was trying to get inside. She loved the dinosaurs. I couldn't get a good video of it until the way out and by then she was so tired she could barely muster up the energy but she did still like him and I got her cute little voice saying that word.

Brooklynn and Myla kept splashing each other so I was trying to get a video of them playing together. Then another little girl came over and Myla stopped splashing and then Brooklynn kicked it up a notch. (Sadly that girl got in trouble for getting wet b/c she took off her apron already....it was worth it anyway to capture this video.)

Brooklynn did not leave her post at this Barbie phone the entire time we were in the Barbie exhibit. I think she will make a good receptionist someday.
Brooklynn cried the whole time on the carousel. I think she was actually scared of the lady running it, though. 
Gabby finally woke up and I was trying to get a picture of her looking at the glass stuff.

The Dora & Diego exhibit was our last stop. The kids were so done (especially Brooklynn.) It was really cute in there!
Like I said the kids were pretty tired. Brooklynn didn't last long on the drive home.
Thanks for another fun day! We had a great time!

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