July 30, 2011

Back to the Beach!

Josh flew out of Atlantic City when he flew out to meet us in Michigan. And to save some money on parking he parked his car at our friends' house in Brigantine. The first chance we had to go get his car was the next week on Saturday. I thought we would drive early, spend the day at the beach and then just drive separately home. The girls actually slept the whole way home so they barely even noticed that Josh wasn't even with us. AND...we got to hang at the beach all day! It was a great day at the beach. A little hot. Since there wasn't much wind the water was really calm and Brooklynn swam really well in the water.

 We even tried to fly a kite. I brought it thinking there is ALWAYS enough wind to fly a kite at the beach. This is about as high as we got it. 

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