July 5, 2011


So I went to get Gabby a new car seat because she is humungous and it's impossible to try and cram her into the infant carrier anymore. Except when I got there I realized that I would need a new one for Brooklynn in about 3 pounds anyway (then she'd be too big for her 2nd one.) So I just got Brooklynn her next one and gave Gabby Brooklynn's old one. Problem solved!
I had it upstairs to wipe out the massive crumbs and mess that Brooklynn had accumulated. When Brooklynn woke up she thought this was a great game to play with her seat and in less than 5 minutes she kept saying "stuck, stuck!" I looked at her thinking she was just whining about the buckles being clipped together and she couldn't un-clip them. I walked over and find her like this. Completely stuck. I have no idea how she ended up like this but even I was having a hard time getting her out. I had to go get a bottle of lotion and completely lather her arms up really well...several times. It was still not budging. I finally got her to relax and managed to slip it upwards and out...but even after mastering the technique with one arm it was still tricky with the second. We finally got her out. For a minute I thought I was going to have to somehow get it cut off of her and buy yet ANOTHER car seat.

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