July 19, 2011

Tuesday Morning

My Mom got off early on Tuesday and we had plans to go to Headwaters Park. I decided to stay home with the girls and try and have some down time since we had been so busy. Gabby really needed a normal nap in the morning. That same morning my parents got a new porch built. So I thought Brooklynn would have loads of fun watching them build it from the window. One of the guys had tattoos all over his arms and chest and she thought this was funny, she pointed at him and said, "funny guy!" I think she just was appreciating the art, since she loves to draw all over herself.

I taped some of the paper she played with during her nap the day before on the window for her to color on, and gave her some crayons. I thought maybe that is what she was trying to do?
  Then Brooklynn discovered the M&M machine in Diana's room so we brought that out.
And we realized that a laundry basket works just as well if not better than a Bumbo seat. Gabby had a great time playing in here.
What a cutie. The laundry basket idea couldn't last too long because I was nervous Brooklynn would tip her over.
Either way both Brooklynn and Gabby had a fun morning terrorizing playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

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