July 20, 2011

4th Stop: Olivet, MI!

We would have spent the night in Olivet at least one night if it weren't for all the unloading and reloading ANOTHER time. But we still wanted to stop and see Grandma on our way up to Muskegon. And, I figured we had to stop somewhere to eat so it might as well be here! Grandma had all the toys already out and ready to play with when we got there. You won't find any pictures of Brooklynn in this because she was busy playing the entire time. In fact, when I asked her about our visit with Grandma Kay all she responded with was, "toys! toys!" Well, I'm glad she had fun.
Thanks for lunch and the nice visit!
 Gabby was very excited to see Grandma Kay again.
Gabby needed a new set of clothes and hers were all strapped to the roof of my car. So in the second picture she is wearing BROOKLYNN's entire outfit. Yup...it's 3T. And it didn't even look that big on her. I could hardly believe it.

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