July 13, 2011

On the Road Again!

So we were planning to visit Adeline for her big 5th Birthday party. I thought, "hmm, I might as well go out EARLY since we're making the trip anyway and make some other stops!" So that is just what we did. Myla's birthday party was the week before Adeline's. So we went a few days before the party to spend some extra time there, and then headed up to Fort Wayne to see my parents. We made a quick stop in Olivet to see Josh's Mom and then headed up to Muskegon to see the Bean's up there. What a busy 12 days we had! We even stopped in Columbus on the way to see my friend Rachel and her two little girls, and while we were in Fishers we saw my friend Janelle and her 3 kids. (more about all of this later.)

I was a little nervous to make the drive by myself. Gabby did really well last time, but it was because we had two of us to help with the binky and to calm her down. I was nervous to do all the driving AND try to calm her down myself. She really only had one sad time. Also, Brooklynn only threw up once. Besides that we did great. I was even able to pump while driving and then feed Gabby her bottle reaching around to the backseat. And she took it like a champ. So that saved tons of time.

Brooklynn was SO excited to see a pay phone. I also realized I hardly ever see them anymore.
 My two lovely ladies.

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