July 15, 2011

Myla's Birthday Dinner

Myla's special birthday dinner was on Friday night. It was supposed to be at Texas Roadhouse but since me and the girls were there they couldn't seat us. (I guess they can't seat parties bigger than 6 anymore?)
Anyway, a quick change of plans brought us to McDonalds and we got the back room next to the playland. The girls all had a blast anyway, just like it was supposed to be the plan all along.
Thanks for making us part of your special family plans. Sorry it meant you couldn't go to the Roadhouse. :(
Here is Myla with all her presents. She is SO excited.

Andi was really sweet and got Mia, Marisa, Brooke and Gabby presents to open, too. Brooke got some new sippy cups and Gabby got some rice cereal and some baby Mum Mums (since she is eating solid foods now.)
AND both girls got $1, too!
Brooklynn was completely over-the-top excited that she got to open a present, too. 

Gabby was pretty excited about the Mum Mums.

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