July 22, 2011

Getting all Tangled

Adeline was SO excited for her party the next day. I thought giving her a special tangled braid would help her make it through the day with a little extra fun. She LOVED it. 
As you can see, everyone was jealous of her braid and tried to get in on the action.
 This is Gabby's "hairpiece" (?) I rigged up for her. She was too little to wear a different braid, and it just looked silly with a braid clipped on to her headband. Not that this doesn't look silly. But I wanted to make it seem like she had really long baby Rapunzel hair.
We got Addy the movie "Tangled". She was allowed to open it early because we wanted to watch it the night before. She was pretty excited.

And then we got to watch it again. Brooklynn looks terrified because she is so scared of the "mean Mommy Tangled"

It's so funny because before we bought the movie I asked Josh, "Are you sure you want to just give her a DVD? Isn't that kinda boring since it's not a toy?" Well...let's just say it went over WAY better than I thought.

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