July 28, 2011

Brooklynn's Two-and-a-Half-Birthday

Celebrating Brooklynn's 2 1/2 birthday was lots of fun. We had tacos for dinner, which is her favorite. And then we had half a pan of brownies. Mmmmmmmm. She was so excited and kept saying "birthday!!!" all day. 
What a special 2 and a HALF year old.

 Gabby REALLY wanted some brownie.
 Brooklynn even got a present this  year! Adeline got a new backpack for her birthday and was nice enough to give Brooklynn her old one. (Or at least Charity was nice enough...I'm not sure Adeline knows about this. I hope she isn't upset.) We wrapped it up for her half-birthday so she could have a present to open, too! How fun. She LOVES her backpack. She put all her Tag Jr. books in there along with some pencils and a bunch of cards and she pulls them all out and looks at them every day.

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