July 2, 2011

5 Months Old

 I thought about this being her "5 month picture" but the top one was just so cute. This one I thought was funny because it showed what she is doing right now and that is trying to chew on (or EAT?) everything in sight. I have a few more fun ones of her tackling the poor baby.
Gabby. Sweet Gabby. You are such a cutie. You are full-on teething right now, that is for sure. It is so sad because I know you are in pain. It's hard for you to even fall asleep. You'll get through it. You are really excited when I show you a cold teething ring. I think it may be time to make some breast milk popsicles. 
I took you to the breastfeeding support group the other day and you weigh 18 pounds now. Your sister Brooklynn didn't weigh that much until she was one. She's also only 28 pounds right now. So 10 more pounds and you'll weigh more than she does. I pretty much struggle like crazy trying to hold you without the help of one of my wraps just because it's so awkward. 
We love having you in our family. Today I tried to put Brooklynn down for her nap and she was sad when I tried to let Gabby continue to watch her movie. So I had to bring both of them in there. Brooklynn loves to give you kisses and hugs and it's really fun to watch. 
Gabby, your favorite toy right now is Sillytown. You love it mostly because you get to sit up while you play with it. But you also LOVE to hit every single one of those blocks off, and then whine for us to put them all back on so you can knock them all off again. It's amazing how fast you're growing. I feel like at this point with Brooklynn so many things happened all at once and then one day she was 2. So slow down. You also love books. Mostly you try to eat them, but every time we read you try so hard to grab it just to put it in your mouth. 
Sadly, I've had to put almost all the infant stuff back into storage. (Sadly only because that is how big you're getting, I'm not sad at all to have a little more space in here.) You have out grown your infant car seat, your infant swing, your bouncy chair. You do still love the exersaucer. You play in it a few times every single day.
You are so smiley and you love to make your "static" noise. I'm not sure where you learned this...you just started doing it and you LOVE it. Every morning you start doing it, and other times when you are just happy and babbling to yourself you just start in with the "static." It's so funny. She LOVES it when you do it back to her, almost like she is responding, "Hey, you can do it, too!! I LOVE that noise!" So funny. Sometimes we have whole conversations only making that noise.
We love you, baby girl!

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