July 31, 2009

Symphony On the Prairie

The night we came to Indy Marc had a company event, "Symphony on the Prairie" and it was "Beatles Night". It was really fun and cool. There were tons of people there. We enjoyed dinner, the playground and a concert.

My Precious Neice, Myla!

Aunt Diana

While I am "Aunt Bethany" to 3 of these cute girls, and Andi is "Aunt Andi" to just 1...Diana gets to be "Aunt Diana" to all 4! What a lucky girl. :) Here are some cute pics of them.

July 30, 2009

Roadside Photo Shoot

These pictures are from my favorite rest stop (Sideline Hill Plaza). I decided to have a photo shoot with Brooke because she was being really cute and I was playing with my new camera. Here's a few cute ones.