July 21, 2009

Sling Blog Millionare

I love my baby slings and baby wraps. Anyone who knows me knows this, too. I will be SO sad the day that Brooke outgrows them or no longer loves to be carried around everywhere in them. Whenever I get one out and put it on Brooke's face lights up and gets so excited. I get excited to. I love holding her all snuggly and close. She hardly ever cries or even is fussy in them. She could just walk around all day in them. I can't even decide which one I like the best, can I say ALL of them?

I have 3 of the Pouch-Style slings, 2 Hotslings (my first love) and the 3rd one is a Petunia Pickle Bottom one I picked up at TJ Max for $10! I couldn't resist. These are great for just throwing on when you want to bring your baby somewhere and want something quick. I always have one in my car. I can have her in and out of there in less than a minute. They are very versitale, but I really only carry her two ways. I would say the only negative is that you have to buy them a certain size, so the ones that fit me don't fit Josh. They come in all kinds of cute patterns, though. I wish there was some type of pouch-style sling exchange so you could constantly rotate your patterns. Maybe that is how I will make all my money by setting that up? I know they have them for bags and shoes.

My second love are my Moby Wraps. (and by second and first loves they are not to signal preference, just the order I discovered them.) I LOVE my Moby Wraps. At first I was really nervous to even try one. I was super-intimadated to put it on; it looked super complicated. The lady at the store showed me how to do it and she walked me through it twice and after that I was a pro and never looked back. I have a brown one and a pink one. I really wish I had a red one but Josh has convinced me that we don't really need any more. He is right, but I still want one. Maybe when we have our next kid I can
splurge? The Moby is great; it holds a kid up to 35 pounds which is quite a long time of use.
I've put my 3-year-old neice in it and it was fine. I also put
my 5-year-old neice which was too heavy. I don't recommend it. That one was more to just take a picture. It's great; something about how it wraps all around you really supports your back and evenly distributes the weight. They are one-size fits all so Josh can use it, too. It's also great for weight loss. (so I'm told; I haven't lost any more weight since Brooke was 2 weeks old; I'm still waiting...and I carry her around all the time. Maybe I'm gaining tons of muscle?)

And, one of the main reasons for this post is that I just developed a new love for my Moby and successfully breast-fed Brooke IN the Moby! WOOHOO! I really would love to master this; more for outings, etc. I told Josh that my love for the Moby just increased tremendously. He asked me if this was possible and I told him that I didn't think so, but it did.
I think the only drawbacks to the Moby is that it takes about 2 minutes to put on. (I think it's super easy and worth it, but a lot of people are scared of it.) I can do it with my eyes closed now. The other one is that since it's so much fabric it is really warm, so it is a drag in this summer heat. Although in air-conditioning it's fine, and in winter I'd add that to my positives since I'm always cold and it keeps me toasty warm. I looked into buying my own long peice of fabric to use but it is actually cheaper to just buy a Moby Wrap. (Surprising, but fabric is so expensive!)

My newest love is the Baby K'Tan. I just got one for my birthday.
(Thanks, Mom & Dad Bean! We LOVE it!) I know I said earlier that I didn't have a favorite, but this is my favorite. This one combines the positives from both the Hotslings and the Moby. It can do everything the other ones do but it slips right on. It's awesome.
Anyone who likes the Moby but is nervous about all the fabric or how complicated it "looks" (although the Moby isn't really that complicated after you've done it a couple of times) should try the Baby K'Tan. It's kinda like a pouch-style, but it's two loops instead of one. It's also less-fabric than the Moby so it is less hot. And...my favorite part; this one holds up to 42 pounds so I can carry Brooke around even longer. I'm sure by then she will mostly be walking, but it is so nice to have an alternative to "please CARRY ME MOMMY! I'm TIRED!" It is way easier on your arms.

I look forward to my continued use from all of my slings.
I am looking into a water sling for the shower and the beach/pool. I think I will make this one, have to price fabric still.

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Charity said...

in reference to the 42lb sling. Adeline is 34lbs now and I can't even imagine carrying her in a wrap, I think my back would crack. I hope Brooke doesn't get to 42lbs before she is walking we would probably have to roll her instead :-)