July 29, 2009

Getting Ready for a Long Trip!

We are frantically trying to pack and get ready to go on a trip out to Indiana, to meet my newest neice Myla. We leave tomorrow and will stay somewhere along the way, depending on how tired we are getting. (Brooke and me). Josh will fly into Indy NEXT Thursday night, late and then spend the day with Myla and family Friday and then we are driving up to Olivet, MI to the Beans for Friday night until Sunday. Then we drive back all together on Sunday. We are very excited to see everyone! But we are very sad to leave Daddy behind for a whole week while he works. I will try to post pics on here of Brooklynn, mostly for his sake, while we are gone. But feel free to enjoy them as well!
I made Josh several meals to freeze last night to get him through the week. It usually takes me about a week to pack for even a weekend away now that we have a baby...I have barely started. SO...hopefully I will finish so we can still leave tomorrow. I made a list and saved it on the computer that I can print out every time. I'm hoping that will save me a lot of time. Most of the work is trying to think of stuff I might be forgetting. (Especially hard with the crazy hormones that make me very flaky...yes I'm still blaming my flakiness on the hormones.)
Please pray for our travels, Brooke's adjustment to travelling. (We've made the trip before, but she's a little older now and stays awake longer...hopefully it will be another smooth trip!) AND the biggest one...pray for Brooke and Josh to both not be too sad being away from each other. It's even longer than last time, which was OK, but I could tell Brooke was missing her Daddy.

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