February 25, 2009

Rolling over

Brooke rolled over today! (Belly to back.)

February 23, 2009

Look out, Michael Phelps!

My little swimmer! She LOVES bathtime swimming fun. I think it reminds her of how she kicked me when I was pregnant. She also LOVED the Olympics and would get really excited when Michael Phelps was on. I know I was still pregnant, but I always knew she would be a good swimmer. Here is my validation...

Happy 1-month Birthday, Brooklynn!

Well, we are still getting into a routine, but mostly Broolynn is SUCH a joy and we love her so much. She has been going through a growth spurt the last week or so and feeding almost every hour and has been fighting sleep as much as possible (mostly during the day, though) so she has been a little fussy because of that. She sure is precious, though.
She LOVES bath time, the other day I was in the tub with her and made the water a little deeper.I kinda just held her head and let her whole body "swim" and she LOVED it! She was kicking like crazy, happy as could be. Then she realized how strong she was and started to get a little scared so I had to hold her again. She is also doing so great at tummy time, she will lie there and play for quite a while. Her head control is already very good. She is still only getting up at night about twice to feed and then goes back to sleep. (with a few exceptions, but no one is perfect.)
Today we had our 1-month Dr. visit. She did great, only cried for a minute when she got her vaccine shot. :( Sure was sad, though! She is 23 1/4 " long (above 95%), 9 lb. 8 oz (50%) and her head circumference is 15" (70%). She is very very long and is already too long for 0-3 month clothes, but they are still too big around the waist. We are just wearing them short. She needs to get used to that anyway.
Pretty soon Grandma and Grandpa Bean are coming out for a visit so they can meet baby Brooke! We are all very excited!

February 22, 2009

Brooklynn's First Oscars

I love watching the Oscars. I look forward to it every year. I love to guess who is going to win, and I find it strangely satisfying EVERY time I'm right. Kinda like, "Yeah, I knew it."
Brooke loved getting to stay up for her very first Oscars. She was like this the whole time. :)

February 18, 2009


Cousins-10 days apart. Can you tell which one is which?

February 16, 2009

Brooke's first trip to the mall

Brooke had her first trip to the mall. She fell asleep after about 2 minutes, and stayed asleep the whole time. I didn't have the heart not to make the most of it for her, as it was a momentus FIRST trip, so here she is trying on some Disney Princess outfits at the Disney store.

February 15, 2009

A couple of videos

This video we wanted to document her legs kicking away. She always tones it down a little when the camera comes out, but it's pretty good. (This is mostly proof of how much it hurt when I was pregnant). Another bonus is that you can here her "Zoolander; I've got the Black Lung" cry.

This video you can't really see anything, but you can hear her cute sleeping squeaky noises. She usually does them even louder now, but they are so cute!

Here is her getting pretty good at tummy time. She was one week old in this video; you should see her now! She looks like she can almost turn over. Not quite, though.

February 13, 2009

3 Weeks Old Already?!?

Where has the time gone?
I'm really sad already that our baby has to get bigger. I want each moment I have with her to last a little bit longer than they do. (Except for the crying spells.)
Last week she stayed awake and alert from one feeding to the next twice a day. She plays and is so stinkin' cute. A few days ago this started overlapping and instead of falling asleep after the second feeding she will continue to be awake feeding to feeding to feeding...and is feeding about every half hour for a good 2 hours. But I am counting my blessings that she still sleeps for 3-5 hours at a time at night and in the morning. Aaaaaaaah. I even feel completely caught up on my sleep. She is still waking up at 3:30 am and 7 am (sometimes 8:00) to feed, and that is really it. The Birth Center called me today just to check in and see how things were going and so I asked them about the possibility of feeding her too much (every half hour seemed like too much to me) and they said it was normal and she was "filling up" so that she could sleep for longer. I decided to just go with it. I am telling myself that it means getting more sleep at night and I am totally fine with that.
Here are a few more pictures of our pretty baby. She really is getting a distinct personality already in her alert phases and is pretty photogenic. And when she sleeps of course we torture her and make her do all kinds of embarassing stuff.

February 8, 2009

Family Visit

My family came out to see Brooklynn when she was two weeks old. They drove all the way from Indiana and Ohio! We had a great time! They were able to bond with their neice and cousin, they helped me cook and clean and I was able to get some things done while they held her. We even had time to go to Valley Forge Park and to their hotel pool for some swimming. (Except Brooke and I did not get in the pool.) Thanks so much for coming out and for everything you did to help out! We miss you already and Brooke can hardly wait to see you all again!

February 7, 2009

Brooke's Friends

I really love my Mommy and Daddy. But I also have met a lot of other amazing people so far!