July 25, 2008

1st Baby Movement!

While I was swimming in Lake Ontario, I got hit by a big wave and at first thought it did some damage to the baby; then I realized I had felt the baby move! I think he or she liked it! I was really excited because Lake Ontario is the one place I've been visiting since I was a baby, one of my favorite places ever. I thought it was sort of poetic that it's the first place I felt my baby move. I did end up feeling movement one more time in the water, but that was it.

July 20, 2008

Family Camping

We just went on our annual family camping trip to Lake Ontario. It was pretty rainy this year, but we still had a good time. It was good to see everybody. It was Josh's first time up, so I was glad to show him around.

This is at the Barrack's restaurant. They're trying to pose for a picture summing up our "awesome evening" to make Diana and Jacob jealous since they weren't there yet, but I just love how much they're getting into this picture, especially Marisa.

Here's Grandma & Grandpa Ashley posing with baby Viper, giving us their blessing. (Oh, that is what we're calling the baby until we know what we're having. We're going to be surprised so it will go by "Viper" until the birth. That way we don't have to call it "IT" or "he/she" or "the Baby").

This is my sister's family. They were all dressed in camoflauge so I made them pose for a picture, even in the rain.

Here's the girl's covered in ice cream. I love pictures of kids with icecream all over them. Katy always ups the ante for ice cream pictures. I don't think anyone can compete with her.

Eating dinner in a thunderstorm. Good times.

Mia up to bat. Her first hit went pretty far, I was proud.

Marisa blowing bubbles. She puts it right on her lips. It's so cute.

Westcott Beach Overlook at Sunset

Diana and Jacob sitting around the campfire.

Time to pack up camp. :(

We went out to breakfast so we could pack up all our kitchen stuff the night before. I think we started a new tradition, it made it so easy. And the food was AWESOME! I ate everything.

Me and Cody. I used to babysit him when he was 3. Can't belive how big he is now!

Josh and I at Lake Ontario. Goodbye until next year!

July 16, 2008

Pampered Chef Conference

Here are a few highlights from Pampered Chef Conference! We always have such a grea time!