July 23, 2011

Surprise Bday Party for Grandpa

Saturday evening we decided to celebrate Grandpa's birthday since we were all together. It was pretty low-key but also really fun. I think he was surprised since his birthday wasn't for a few more weeks. Grandma put together a book of 60 stories that he likes to tell and we would start the story and then we had to try and finish the story. It was fun.

Meanwhile, I got this nice action shot. :) Andrew and Brooklynn kept hitting each other all weekend, almost like they are brother and sister. Just back and forth all the time. I think they were mostly love taps.
And then Brooklynn went over and gave Gabby a sweet hug. I didn't even tell her to. What a long way she's come with her.
Great Grandpa brought Brooklynn and Gabby (and Andrew, too) their own gifts so they wouldn't be jealous of all of Adeline's presents. That was very sweet. They love them, too. Brooklynn LOVES her ball, it's the same kind she is always trying to sneak into my cart at the store. And Gabby loves her water bomb toy, she chews on just about everything and we needed some extra bath toys so it is a fun one. Thank you, Grandpa!

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