July 18, 2011

Child Proof Naps?

 So at our house we've got nap time pretty much child-proofed. We've had SO many issues, I've had to put locks on every drawer and cabinet in Brooklynn's room. I've had to move all the pictures off the walls, hide all the toys and then on top of that only let her sleep in footy pajamas with a safety pin through the zipper. And when I do ALL of that, we have a successful nap about 85% of the time. (OK, it's probably more like 95%).
But when we aren't in Brooklynn's room...it's a whole new ball game. Every day it was something. For starters...she was pushed to the limit almost every day. So she was over tired and cranky...which usually allowed her to actually sleep even though she was so excited to be having so much fun. Several of the days she would play really quietly and I would go into check on her and there would be stuff from the room all over the place, mostly spread out all over the bed. First it was Mia's room. My favorite day was the day I found ALL of Mia's earrings all over the bed, along with all her books and dolls. She kept turning the fan off and the light on. Over and over. So each day I would learn what to keep out of her reach, etc. Gabby's pack and play was in with Brooklynn each of the places we stayed. Sometimes she would be terrorizing Gabby. Usually she left her alone, though, surprisingly.
So JUST when we get Mia's room all figured out for naps....we go up to Fort Wayne. The first day she took a nap there was Monday. And after a while I went into check on her (surprisingly SILENT) but then I heard a slight crinkling sound. This is how I found her. No joke. It was so funny that I was able to sneak back out and get my camera before busting up the party. Because I've never seen anything like this. And the best part? Not only was this entire roll of wrapping paper all over the place, when I got that off the bed? There was also SIX boxes of brand new 24 count crayons all dumped out all over the bed. 
 Once I took all that out and LOCKED the door...she finally fell asleep. On the floor.
Gabby was a sport and slept in the living room to avoid more terrorizing from her sister.

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